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Bodywork Contraindications


Craniosacral Therapy Contraindications 

*Acute Intracranial Hemorrhage

*Intracranial Aneurysm

*Recent Skull, Vertebral, or Rib Fracture

*Herniation of the Medulla Oblongata

*Recent Stroke

*Recent Spinal Tap

*Arnold Chiari Malformation

*Any Physiological Condition Where Slight Changes in Intracranial Pressure Can Negatively Affect the Client


Reflexology Contraindications 

*Any Current Skin Dis-ease or Condition

*Any Internal Bleeding

*Severe Varicose Veins

*Open Wounds, Cuts, Rashes, Burns, or Fractures in the Treatment Area

*Athlete's Foot

*Localized Swelling or Inflammation


*In the First Trimester of Pregnancy

*Severe Edema

*Severe Diabetes

*Having a Fever


Therapeutic Aromatherapy Contraindications 

*Same Contraindications As Myofascial Release Therapy

*Any Known Allergy or Sensitivity to Essential Oils

*Sensitive Skin & Open Wounds



*Cannot Tolerate Essential Oils


Somatic Release Contraindications 

*Same Contraindications As Myofascial Release Therapy So Please Refer to That List


Myofascial Release Therapy Contraindications

*Acute Circulatory Conditions, Like Deep Vein Thrombosis or Uncontrolled Bleeding

*Acute Rheumatology Conditions

*Advanced Diabetes

*Advanced Degenerative Changes


*Anticoagulant Therapy (Blood Thinners)


*On Cortisone Therapy, As It Can Create Thinning of the Skin & Other Side Effects


*On the Area of Healing Fracture(s)

*Hernia(s) - Can Be Done In Other Non-Affected Areas




*Open Wounds, Sutures, or Stitches

*Systemic or Localized Toxicity or Infection

*Skin Hypersensitivity, Inflammatory Skin Conditions - Eczema Flares, Psoriasis, Thickened or Scaly Skin, Poison Ivy or Oak Rash, Raised or Red Rash, Sores, Boils, and the Like or Other Similar Types of Toxic Releases and/or Reactions of the Skin - and Any Other Skin Conditions That Can Be Exacerbated By This Modality, or Where the Therapist Deems It As Contraindicated in His or Her Experience


*Myofascial release can cause a lowering of blood pressure so after a session, please be sure to take your time getting up and if you are at all dizzy, then please let your therapist know and sit on the massage table until all dizziness has subsided.

*Myofascial release can cause a drop in blood sugar so if you are hypoglycemic, you may want to have a snack before having a session done.


Gua Sha Therapy Contraindications 

*In Any Areas Where the Skin is Injured

*Bleeding Disorders, Such As Leukemia, Anemia, & Thrombocytopenia

*Anticoagulant Therapy

*Areas Where Bones Are Fractured and/or Dislocated

*Areas With Malignant Tumors or Masses

*Severe, Acute Cardiovascular & Cerebrovascular Dis-eases

*On Abdomen & Low Back While Pregnant & On Lower Abdomen While Menstruating

*Chronic Cortisone Users

*Thin Skin

*In Areas with Varicose Veins

*Skin Conditions, Open Wounds, & Areas with Recent Surgical Incisions

*Areas with Herniation

*Severe Dis-ease


Jin Shin Do Acupressure Contraindications

*Certain Points During Pregnancy

*Recent Stroke or CVA

*Injured & Inflamed Skin in the Treatment Area

*Injury in the Treatment Area

*Recent Spinal Injury 


*Stimulating acupoints can create a drop in blood pressure due to alterations in blood circulation.


Movement Cupping Contraindications 

*Skin Inflammation, Conditions, & Lesions

*Varicose Veins

*Open Wounds

*Bone Fractures

*Suspected to Have Or Has Deep Vein Thrombosis


*Organ Failure

*Use of Anticoagulants

*Any Bleeding Disorder


*Severe Dis-ease

*Areas Where There Are Herniations

*Areas With Recent Surgical Incisions

*Liver & Kidney Dysfunction

*First Trimester of Pregnancy


Qi-Gong Sensory Therapy Contraindications 

*History of Psychotic Episodes or Disorder

*Any Specific Injury That Will Affect the Therapy from Being Performed

*Pregnancy as a Precaution

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