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Live Blood Cell Analysis Consultations

Our blood is a window into the mechanisms or inner workings of our body.

What is a Live Blood Cell Analysis?

A live blood cell analysis involves looking at a fresh (or live) blood sample under the microscope in order to see possible patterns in the blood and what that may mean in terms of shifting health habits and supporting specific systems within the body.

What Can Be Seen In The Blood?

*Protids/Somatids – These are precursors to bacteria and even fungal microbial forms
*Bacteria/Microbes – These assist in the breakdown and clean-up of cellular debris within the blood and body as well as maintaining terrain harmony
*Fungus – These assist with decomposition where necessary & in the breakdown of various excess sugars; assists with photoprotection within the skin; assists in keeping microbes (and the toxic byproducts of microbes) in check; and assists in absorbing many types of radiation.
*Red Blood Cells – These assist in carrying oxygen to all areas of the body
*Platelets – These assist in the prevention and cessation of bleeding via clotting, among other roles
*Plaque - These are made up of deposits of fatty substances, cholesterol, cellular waste products, calcium, and fibrin. Cholesterol isn’t the issue here though…the ingested carbohydrates/sugars and inflammatory fats are at the root of it due to the damage that these foods as well as toxins can cause as well as having a low level of vitamin K2, which gets calcium to where it is supposed to go, among some other factors as well
*Crystals – These are often from cholesterol, uric acid, toxins, etc.
*Various Forms of White Blood Cells – These assist in cleaning up the body; thus, acting as detoxifiers
*Parasites – These assist in the breakdown of heavy metals and toxins and also assists the immune system, which is also known as the waste removal system or detoxification system in our body. Yes, that is correct, parasites do play an important role within our terrain.
*Cellular Debris – This is the debris of dying and dead cells
*And More…

We have been taught that microbes (bacteria and fungus) as well as parasites in our bodies are "the bad guys"...when in fact, our body requires them for its survival and balance. Much of our body is indeed microbes! When we start to reframe our perception from needing to kill everything that we have been told is bad within our body into seeing the purpose that each "thing" plays within the ecosystem or terrain of our body, then true healing is not only possible, but it happens at a rapid rate...simply by supporting our body.

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