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Addressing A Concern That Is Known All Too Well

November 30th, 2020

I had someone reach out to me recently about the services that we offer at our center and her concern was regarding whether or not we are a business that is overly pushy about our clients buying supplements and/or other products after every session with us because that is something that she has had experience with in other places within the area (as have I) and it has prevented her from further participation in these types of programs and/or services. So for the record, we, at Beyond Wellness, are assuring all of our clientele and all possible clientele that we are not sales reps for any supplement companies and are thus, not pushy or forceful at all in this regard!!! We may recommend things from time to time that could be beneficial, but that is left entirely up to the client on what they decide to do with that information. We simply focus on assisting the client with what is available to us in that moment as well as encouraging them to do what they feel is most aligned with themselves in each and every moment! In other words, you will never deal with a high-pressure sales scenario in our office!!!

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