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All About Healing Reactions...

April 26th, 2021

Why is it that one feels not so well after a session, or even multiple sessions in after feeling great in all of their previous sessions?

Well, this could be due to multiple things, but one of the main reasons is likely due to the fact that we are uncovering a new layer of healing that is taking place, if you will, where one's body is ready to release certain things, whether that be trauma, emotions, patterns, negative beliefs, and/or dis-ease or dis-harmony within. The bodywork and energy medicine allows, or gives opportunity for, the body to begin to process that information so that it is no longer stored within the physical body and causing distress on the system. It can take a little while for the body to integrate these new coded bits of information, as the energy shifts, so it may create one to feel tired, emotional, weak, sore or experiencing pain, appearing hyper-sensitive to one's environment, and just plain feeling like they want to be left alone, or even sometimes the opposite of wanting someone to comfort them. This can freak some people out because they may see it as going backwards, yet this is how healing takes place. We have to go through the stuff, feel it, and then naturally release it, knowing full well that those emotions, traumas, beliefs, etc. are not is simply energy moving through us so that it doesn't burden our system any longer. Sometimes, there are multiple layers of the same stuff coming up so it appears like it comes back around multiple times, but it may just be a deeper layer of the same or similar "wounding," so to speak, so don't be alarmed, disappointed in yourself, or view yourself as inadequate, or broken, if this is something that you experience as the layers of healing unfold for you in your journey.

Another reason that one can feel not so well after a session too is that an energy pathway has opened up, the body has relaxed, which has then prompted the body to go into a parasympathetic or healing state or mode, so that the body begins to work in such a manner that it can handle cleansing out any toxins that require removal. As the body works on doing this, it may reflect the outward appearance of symptomology for having a "rough time," yet the body is just asking for rest and self-care in order to get the job fully done so that the body can then come back to homeostasis and harmony, both within and without.

I guess that my main message here today in writing this is that if you feel this way after a session, don't freak out because your body is doing exactly what it needs to do in order to heal! This is especially true with energy medicine, as energy precedes all that is manifested is the subtlest level of life so it is really impactful on all that appears here, which is why it is so healing to all levels of our being for those who are open to it.

What Can You Do To Support The Body During A Healing Reaction:

1. Keep hydrated. 2. Listen to soothing frequency music or something that relaxes the body. 3. Rest whenever needed. 4. Take an Epsom salt or clay bath, a warm shower, or use a sauna. 5. Avoid anything that upsets the system. 6. Make sure that all elimination pathways are supported. If constipated, use magnesium or vitamin C to get the bowels moving and emptying. 7. Find supportive supplementation by using muscle testing, intuition, or trial and error. 8. Use breathwork or meditation. 9. Maintain electrolyte balance. 10. If the symptoms get too intense, take a binder to assist with toxin removal, like activated charcoal.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

- The Beyond Wellness Team

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