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Consuming Carbohydrates & Water Retention

October 9th, 2020

Did you know that carbohydrates cause the body to store extra water?

When we consume carbohydrates, the energy that isn't readily used is stored in the body as glycogen molecules and each gram of these glycogen molecules comes with 3 grams of water attached to it. This is why when someone goes low carb/keto/or carnivore, the weight loss occurs so rapidly...because the extra water being stored with each gram of glycogen is "lost" or flushed out of the system, and the body then uses its fat as fuel in order to create energy for the proper functioning of one's body.

If you find yourself struggling with fluid retention and weight fluctuations, carbs/sugars could be one of the culprits and not necessarily just the salt alone in one's diet. One great way to find this out is to cut out grains and limit or eliminate sugars and see how you feel. In doing so, at first, you may feel what is referred to as a detox reaction because as everything flushes out from being held or stored in the tissues and fat being burned as fuel, it can create some symptoms that would appear like something isn't quite working well for you, as it often leaves one feeling worse before they feel better. Some refer to this as the keto flu too. It is just the toxins in your body being stirred up in order to flush them out that creates this bodily response, like an aching body, a headache, irritability, and feeling pretty lethargic with not a whole lot of energy to do anything. These are all pretty normal to experience when switching from a standard American diet, which for the most part is filled with a large number of chemicals and toxins.

So if you give this a try, please make sure that your detox pathways are being fully supported as well...the liver, kidneys, the lymph system, and the elimination system as well as acquiring the proper everyday nutritional needs for one's body to function optimally. If you do experience the detox reaction or keto flu, you can also take an Epsom salt or clay bath in order to draw out the toxins through the skin. You can also use an ionic foot bath system, and/or a rife detox system, or if it gets somewhat unbearable, then taking an activated charcoal supplement or some other form of a binder (like glutathione, etc....whatever one you feel most aligned with) is recommended in order to bind to the toxins and pull them out of the body. However, if you are taking medication, please take any binders away from the time that you take your medication and also consult with your physician, if need be.

If you have any questions or require some support, please feel free to reach out!! Have a great weekend everyone!!

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