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Guess What? I'm Making Frequency Blends Today

July 23rd, 2020

I'm making some lovely frequency blends today in order to sell them in our office to assist with bringing one's body back into harmony and balance! Yay...I'm super exciting about these blends!!!

The frequencies that I am using to create these blends are from the Ancient Solfeggio Tone Scale and below you will find what they assist with:

174 Hz - Reduces pain physically and energetically; acts as a natural anesthetic; gives organs a sense of security, safety, and love, encouraging them to do their best.

285 Hz - Influences energy fields; assists in returning tissue to its original form; sends messages to restructure damaged organs; and leaves the body feeling rejuvenated and energized.

396 Hz - Turns grief into joy; liberates guilt and fear; liberates the energy; cleanses the body; enables one to achieve goals in the most direct way; brings down one's defense mechanisms; searches out hidden blockages, subconscious negative beliefs, and conditioned ideas.

417 Hz - Facilitates change; cleanses traumatic experiences and clears destructive influences of past events; encourages the cells to function in an optimal way; puts one in touch with an inexhaustible source of energy that allows one to change their life.

528 Hz - DNA Repair; transformation and miracles; is used to return human DNA to its original state; the process of DNA repair brings about increased life energy, clarity, awareness, an awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance, and celebration; activates one's imagination, intention, and intuition to operate for their highest alignment.

639 Hz - Re-connecting and balancing; enables creation of harmonious community and interpersonal relationships; encourages the cells to communicate with its environment; enhances communication, understanding, and love.

741 Hz - Cleans the toxins from the cells; leads to a healthier, simpler life, and changes in the diet towards foods which are not toxic towards the body; cleanses the cell from electromagnetic radiations; assists in solving issues; and leads to the power of self-expression.

852 Hz - Awakens intuition and returns spiritual order; assists in seeing through illusions, such as hidden agendas of people, places, and things; can be used as a means to open a person up for communicating with the all-embracing spirit; raises awareness; and enables a cell to transform itself into a system of higher level or order.

963 Hz - Awakens and brings awareness of any system to its original, perfect state; it is connected with the light and all-embracing spirit; and enables direct experience of the "return" to Oneness.

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