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Do We Really Know What The Cause of GERD Is?

September 10th, 2020

Did you know that acid reflux or GERD isn't always caused from too much acid in the stomach, but can actually be from too little of acid in the stomach as well?

But how can this be? Well, low stomach acid creates an imbalance in the pH level of the stomach acid and this creates a pressure shift within the stomach and when this isn't balanced, it allows the sphincter to the esophagus to open up, which allows any acid to flow up the esophagus.

Getting the acid level built back up and the pH level balanced in the stomach is highly recommended as it needs to be acidic in order to break down our nutrients so that our body can use them to function. There are a few things that can assist with this issue and they are organic apple cider vinegar (please dilute it in water before you drink it so that it doesn't irritate the esophagus), HCL (betaine hydrochloride) supplementation, and possibly even bile salt supplementation. Other assistive options are making sure that all food is chewed really well before swallowing it, eating bitter foods, and managing your stress levels.

There are also emotional components to it, like constant worry, anxiety, sadness, and holding onto anger and/or resentment. These tend to impede the flow of energy in that area, which can cause working through these emotions and energy work can assist with this as well.

So then some of the questions that we have to ask ourselves is are antacids actually creating a greater problem by lowering the acid and pH levels even further within the stomach of those who already have a low stomach acid level? Is this creating further digestive and nutrient absorption issues for the individual? It is just something to think about if one is on an antacid and continues to have issues with acid reflux as well as other digestive issues.

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