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Do You Find Yourself Struggling With Talk Therapy?

October 10th, 2021

The above information shows us exactly why energy work and bodywork excel in the area of trauma, since they goal isn't to relive the experience, but to release the imprints of the trauma within the body, especially the nervous system. Energy work and bodywork are sooooo beneficial in releasing these somatic memories/traumas from the whole body network/system because it engages the other calming counterpart of the autonomic nervous system - the PNS. This allows the nervous system to re-program/re-wire/heal itself in order to allow for a transformation in how one/it responds to stressors and/or stimuli. It also allows one to process those emotions, instead of storing them and then using them as a protective shield, mechanism, or guide for future references, which automatically engages the sympathetic nervous system, or the fight-or-flight response in the body, and this is what stores those traumas and/or emotions within the body in the first place (in a sense, it is a code, or a program, to the body system for how it is to respond to similar situations, if one shall ever encounter them) so that the body feels that it can maintain its safety and/or security most appropriately, but the issue with this is that it then taints every experience because it is constantly looking for certain signals or it continually misinterprets signals and then projects that signal onto everything else. In other words, it creates a hypervigilant nervous system response and one that often leads to dis-ease.

So if you are finding yourself struggling with talk therapy or CBT, then please feel free to reach out. I'm telling you what, these types of modalities have the ability to pull one out of some pretty dark places, and I have witnessed it both in myself and while working with others. If you haven't tried it and are currently struggling, you may want to give it a try. If you are struggling financially, we are also currently accepting scholarship applications through the 25th of this month for those who qualify so be sure to take advantage of that while you can as well. Take care everyone and enjoy your week!

- The Beyond Wellness Team

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