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November 16th, 2020

As an energy practitioner, I have witnessed many things energetically unfolding in the clients that I see as this "pandemic" has unfolded. Of the many things that I have seen, there are a few that are most prevalent and these are kidney meridian flow distortions, gallbladder and liver meridian flow distortions, adrenal distortions, vagus nerve distortions, and amygdala distortions.

Here are what some of these "represent":

*The kidneys represent fear, shock, and trauma. This feels almost PTSD - like in its energetic expression. It can present physically as kidney issues, like kidney stones, infections, and pain in the area of the kidney meridian as well as an imbalance in electrolytes or other filtration/excretory issues. In essence, it feels as if the body system doesn't feel safe and secure and thus, it goes into fight or flight mode (the sympathetic nervous system gets switched on), which can lead to imbalances in the vagus nerve as well as the amygdala glands (both of which we will touch on later).

*The gallbladder and liver tend to hold excess "heated" energy, especially anger, frustration, resentment, bitterness, etc....and of course, we have all had our fair share of that pop up in 2020! This has created imbalances in the flow of energy throughout these meridians. The liver also assists in the body detoxifying itself so if the energy is stagnated or the flow is impaired, then the detoxification abilities may slow too. The gallbladder assists with digestion by releasing bile in order to breakdown fats so some may have noticed an increase in digestive issues as this year has progressed too, if there was an imbalanced flow of life force energy within the gallbladder meridian. The gallbladder will also take on the excess energetic emotions from the liver so it may present like only a gallbladder issue, but the underlying imbalance is actually the liver meridian flow. They often present hand-in-hand from what I have seen energetically.

*The adrenal glands assist by producing hormones within the body in order to handle changes within our internal and external environment. It is often associated with the emotions of fear and acts as a survival mechanism by out-putting adrenaline and other modulating hormones. Energetic flow imbalances can show up as imbalances in one's hormones as well as an inability to adapt to fear and stress stimuli. This can present as anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, startling easily, quick to react or meltdown, feeling lethargic, fatigues easily or is fatigued the majority of the can also be wired but tired at the same time. With all of the stress within our environment in 2020, it is understandable to see the adrenal glands somewhat imbalanced.

*The vagus nerve assists with the autonomic nervous system and its response to the environment as well as its internal signals and surroundings. Many that I have worked with are only flowing partially within the vagus nerve branch, while appearing to be "cut-off" energetically in other areas, especially in the abdominal area, which can lead to a number of varying symptoms, but motility (digestive) issues being one of them, along with adrenal imbalances (HPA axis imbalances) as well. The vagus nerve assists in controlling all of our automatic processes within our body so if you feel that it requires some stimulation to get it going, then humming, singing, vibrational medicine, and red light therapy can all assist with the proper stimulation of this nerve itself in order to get the flow going and open again so that it can fully perform its job properly within the body system.

*The amygdala glands are associated with emotions, but especially with fear conditioning. Hmmm...with the media and everyone pushing irrational fear since the beginning of the year, it is no wonder that our amygdalas are trying to adjust and reprogram to this ongoing fear campaign. It also plays a role in our emotional memory too so that our body responds to a certain situation or stimuli in an encoded way via these memory encodements, which is another survival mechanism that is programmed within us via our experiences. This is meant to assist us in threatening situations, but in our current state, many see everything as a threat, which can create major imbalances within the entire autonomic nervous system. When an imbalance occurs within this area, it can lead to irrational fears, paranoia, and aggression, among other mental health issues, like anxiety, depression, etc. Bringing balance back to these areas can calm down the over-reactive nervous system, which brings the whole being or energy back more into alignment, if you will.

2020 is completely overwhelming and short-circuiting our nervous system! This may be to break this old system down in order to begin building a new encoded system or it may be to allow us to see that we have to pay attention to taking care of our delicate system by way of deciphering what brings us complete balance. Either way, it is teaching us to follow our own discernment, truth, and heart, which is the beauty of it! Hang in there everyone! If you are experiencing difficulty or are at the end of your rope, then please feel free to set something up with me and we will do our best to assist you through this process. Much love to everyone and take care!!

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