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Introducing Our New Product...Bath Bombs!

We made our first attempt at non-toxic bath bombs tonight. We made a variety of them - Sweet Orange, Lavender Chamomile, and Rose. The Sweet Orange ones smell AMAZING!! They will be available to purchase in the office early next week...yay, we are so excited for others to try these out and let us know all about it!

*These bath bombs are all made with arrowroot starch, instead of cornstarch because so many are sensitive to corn.

*They are also made with organic/therapeutic essential oils as well.

*The Lavender Chamomile bath bombs are made with organic chamomile tea, which you can see the specks of this in the picture below.

These are absolutely all clean and toxin-free!! It is our goal to only make products that we would feel completely comfortable using with our own family. This means that we won't be using food dyes and such, but we can use turmeric, beets, chlorophyll, and the like instead in order to add some pops of color in them. Please feel free to request something that works for you as well.

- The Beyond Wellness Team

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