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Involuntary Movements During A Session Explained...

January 26th, 2020

Twitching, Jerking, Jumping, & Involuntary Movements During A Session...What Does This Mean?

During a session, where relaxation of the body takes place, will often lead to the body responding naturally in a physical sense or expression for such a release from stress and/or other stressors upon the nervous system. This can be seen by a therapist as twitching, jerking, jumping, stomach gurgling, unwinding, and so on. So why does this happen?

This occurs due to the ANS, or the autonomic nervous system, which is made up of both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system divisions within the body in order to keep us balanced when we encounter stressors within our life experiences. When we are in the hustle and bustle mode of everyday life and for a good majority of people during most of their waking life, the sympathetic nervous system is most dominant in order to cope with these everyday stressors and to still function somewhat "normally." This route releases adrenaline and other hormones later along the line in order to push the body to perform through these perceived "stressor" events during one's day. So when there is finally relaxation brought into the mix (like that which is brought about during a session, where there is a switching of "the guard" so to speak to the parasympathetic nervous system), then the muscles and whole body system releases the stress, tension, etc. that was stored in the body within those specific areas, and sometimes full-blown whole body experiences. This is what those outward, sometimes perceived as "awkward," expressions are within one's body, but I wouldn't really categorize them as "awkward" because to me, it is just a sign that one's body is releasing and doing the work that it needs to do. It is the "systematic reboot" that I speak of when referring to the description of our neurocalm energy sessions. This is why I usually tell clients to allow their bodies to move, unwind, and do what it needs to do...there is no judgment here as you will often hear my stomach gurgling and my joints cracking as I move It is simply a re-learning process of allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to do its part!!

The parasympathetic nervous system is our body's "rest and digest mode," which allows fully for the reorganization and reconfiguration of all the "network" connections within the body, thus creating new neuropathways within the body that work more efficiently, especially in one's response or reaction to perceived stressors...almost like a factory reset on a computer system, which restores the system to the original blueprint and/or settings in order for it to run smoother and more efficiently again. In essence, the experience of twitching, jerking, and the like within a session all point to the complete reset of one's body system so that it is better able to handle the stressors within one's everyday life. It is a good sign and nothing to be embarrassed or worried about if it happens to you within a session. We simply celebrate it and then move on to the next...

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