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It's The Season of Change...

September 1st, 2021

This may be a long post, but there is a lot unfolding at Beyond Wellness so I wanted to keep everyone up-to-date on changes that are being implemented and new things that are going to unfold over the next month or two. I will put each new topic or update in a category so that it is easier to understand. I will probably make separate posts regarding some of these things so if you miss it here, you may see it on another separate post. Anyways, here it goes:

New Team Member - We are soon to be welcoming a new team member, Jan Smith, to our Beyond Wellness Team. She is going to be assisting us with different duties around the office and making sure that things go more smoothly on our busy days. So if you see a new face around the office, it is most likely her so please be sure give her a warm welcome.

New Hours Of Operation -

Office/Store Hours: Monday: 1PM - 6PM Tuesday: 10AM - 5PM Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 1PM - 6PM Friday: 10AM - 4PM Saturday: 10AM - 1PM

We will be closed on Labor Day, which is Monday, September 6th. Thank you for your understanding!

Therapist Hours of Availability For Scheduling:

Andrea (NeuroCalm, MFR Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, & More) - Monday: 1PM - 7PM Tuesday: 1PM - 7PM Wednesday: CLOSED Thursday: 1PM - 7PM Friday: 10AM - 4PM Saturday: 10AM - 4PM

Marian (Acupressure & Craniosacral Therapy) - Friday: 10AM - 4PM

Rebecca (Reflexology) - Monday: 4PM - 7PM Tuesday: 4PM - 7PM Wednesday: 4PM - 7PM Thursday: 4PM - 7PM Friday: 4PM - 7PM Saturday: 10AM - 4PM

New Referral Rewards Program - For every referral that you do, you will get $5 off your next session. This is our way of thanking you for your referral.

New Birthday Freebie 30 Minute Session - This is a perk for all of our current (and future current) clients! When you are celebrating a birthday, you will receive a free 30 minute session on us as our gift to you.

New Service Options - Beginning in the next month, we will be offering movement or sliding cupping, magnet therapy, red light spot treatments, meridian light therapy, and muscle ease sessions. Be on the lookout for information regarding these services in the next couple of weeks. We will also be implementing intuitive guidance sessions into a combo session with any of our energy medicine modalities. If you want to know what can be included in these sessions, please feel free to reach out.

New Scholarship Opportunity For Services - Beginning in a couple of weeks, we will start accepting scholarship applications for a chance to be selected to receive a scholarship for 6 sessions. More details will follow as we begin to roll-out this program.

New Bonus Service - We have a cool new hand-held tool for our session room. It is a red light therapy wand. It is used to treat many different areas of the body to assist with pain, blemishes, and any other issues that you may be dealing with. We have already had great feedback from some clients regarding this device so it may be worth incorporating into your sessions as well.

Online Scheduling Option Being Re-booted - We know that many people are quite busy and would prefer a quick way to schedule a session with us. As such, we have decided that we will be bringing back online scheduling in some form. Just be aware that all sessions must be scheduled at least a day prior to your requested appointment time and please pay attention to our therapist availability schedules as well, as we are all available at different times. We will let you know when this all gets set back up again.

New Testimonial Rewards Program - All of those who write a testimonial, review, or recommendation for us will receive a free red light therapy panel session. It is our way of thanking you for spreading the word about our services.

New Monthly Newsletter - We will be starting a monthly newsletter via e-mail, beginning sometime this month. Be on the lookout for that as it will be packed with information and all of our promotions.

Looking To Build Business Partnerships - Beyond Wellness is looking to build business partnerships within the area. We are looking to assist the staff members of these businesses in creating a level of relaxation and healing so that they are then better able to perform at their job. If you are a business that is interested in discussing details of business memberships and specials, then please feel free to reach out.

New Bartering Options For Services - Yep, Beyond Wellness is willing to barter a little bit in order to provide services for those who do not have the extra money to spend. We are willing to barter with certain things and in a separate post, I will make a list of acceptable options for us.

I believe that completes my list of changes and updates for now. We may be doing some group events soon as well as contests in the future in order to get more people involved in this group. Take care everyone and have a great rest of your week!

- The Beyond Wellness Team

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