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Let's Talk Cancer...

Updated: Mar 24

March 17, 2024

Let’s talk about cancer…

This is likely going to be one of the most controversial topics that I will address and discuss in my “Real Talk” series because almost every one of us knows someone who has had the diagnosis of cancer and in that emotional sense, we have all been affected in one way or another by this diagnosis, especially since it ranks as one of the leading “causes of deaths” in America…but, as the deep questioner that I am, is “cancer” really the cause of death or is it how it has been portrayed and thus viewed, which then drives toxic, distorted treatment options for what is essentially, an intelligent cleansing process within the human body? The propaganda surrounding this topic is self-evident in many of the slogans that are used by the medical establishment in order to raise money for cancer research…things like, “fight for a cure,” “race for the cure,” and all other similar urgency, rallying tactics…and even certain phrases run rampant in the natural health field as well. In all honesty, it shows exactly the big business that cancer is, and we know full well that it has been studied for many years now with almost nothing to show for it since improvements in health outcomes have not increased really at all, and if you actually look at the overall history of cancer, the deception and manipulation runs rather deep. As always with this series, I am going to lay out a number of assumptions, likely from both the medical and natural health fields, and then break them down from there. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

Assumption #1: Cancer is something that has to be “fought against” and “killed.”

The human body is innately intelligent, much more than anybody ever realizes and especially, ever gives it credit for…however, the human mind on the other hand, well…that is easily manipulated, especially by fear. Nothing brings on more fear than the thought of having “no control over something inside of our body” as well as the “threat of death” hanging over our head if we don’t “act now.” Since birth, each one of us has been programmed continuously to “fight” and/or “battle” with both the invisible and perceived “enemies,” "threats," and/or challenges that we face and experience each and every day, whether that was a bully, an opponent, a “germ,” the voice in our head, a cause or a movement, a goal, or whatever it may have been…we were taught to put on our game face, get in there, and compete like our life depends on it, and then hopefully, “come out on top” in the end. As such, it’s really no surprise that anything within our body is treated or seen as any different than this with how we have all been programmed. However, much of these everyday “battles” that we experience are actually taking place within our minds and thus, aren’t really “real,” if you will (in other words, it is our own perception of “things” as being a “threat” and not necessarily how “things” truly are) and thus, the same goes for our bodies, in that, they are not “out to get us,” “imperfect,” or “flawed in their operation.” Our bodies are not the enemy…they aren’t magically being turned against us in this “war of cancer.” We are not the victim to these circumstances, but rather, we are the answer to our challenges, since healing occurs when we realize the power of our choices and thus, our ability to flip the script or story that we tell ourselves in our head (because of these false or assumed narratives) to one of empowerment instead, which then allows us to step in and support our body as it is requesting us to do. Our bodies work extra hard to keep us protected from toxins, wastes, and other certain not so healthy, and often damaging, choices that we may make within our environment every single day and in doing so, this means that we are able to continue living another day. Some of these exposures are understandably not directly under our control (like air pollution and such), but that is okay because when the body is supported holistically, it is fully capable of maintaining homeostasis or harmony as one’s alignment with truth is remembered and therefore, this is reflective in our day-to-day choices and thus, our behaviors and/or how we "operate." In other words, these “cancerous tumors” are just another one of those ways of protecting us from toxic waste products that we have consumed or exposed ourselves to over the years. If our body was “trying to kill us” (or picking a “battle” with us) and our answer was to “fight back,” then why on earth would our body package these up as “waste receptacles/garbage bags” called “tumors” into a neat little package (or large package, depending upon the waste level that has been accumulated over the years) that is there for removal, instead of just simply allowing these poisonous wastes and damaged cells to float around and damage many other areas and/or tissues in the body? Like I have already stated, the body is intelligent in every process that it does so seeing it as the “enemy” doesn’t really do us any "justice" or favors. However, in having said that, if our biofield, which is simply the electromagnetic field that is the initial influence on and over our biologic and chemical processes within our body and thus, terrain is extremely distorted and overrun with waste, then of course it will continue to pile up and could possibly create issues within our organs and other systems, which may in turn, warrant surgical intervention, but then again, there are other ways of breaking it down naturally and removing it as well…one that isn’t so invasive, depending upon many variables within the body though, of course. Nevertheless, root causes will always need to be addressed, even if surgery is the choice of intervention for this experience. Why is this? Because if the underlying distortion(s) in the field and terrain aren’t addressed, then it will just continue to occur until these are harmonized and/or “reconciled.” The surgery itself will likely create other distortions within the field as well since it is a trauma that the body undergoes, so this means that one's scar tissue will need to be addressed too in this harmonization process since it often creates an interference or disturbance in the electrical communication network or "grid" of the body, as well as the fact that the body needs to be able to fully process the invasiveness of the surgery itself, which will allow these emotions to be processed too by simply acknowledging them and feeling through whatever arises. This can be done via bodywork, energy medicine, meditation, movement therapies, and somatic exercises as well.

As you can begin to see, “cancer” really isn’t what we have all been told. It isn’t these “out of control” cells that grow into a big tumor and then metastasize elsewhere nor is it our body trying to kill us (so we needn’t “fight back”), but rather, it is an end stage cellular breakdown process of degenerated tissues, toxins, and waste products combined that are packaged up for "garbage day" pickup so that our body can biologically function and survive. So now you may be questioning, why do people “die of cancer” then? This too is often an assumption that they are dying of the actual “cancerous cells” or “tumors” themselves and not something else. In order to fully understand this, there are a few things that we must consider when it comes to one’s actual “cause of death.” I will outline the major one’s below:

1. Was the person receiving traditional treatment for cancer?

If so, then they were likely receiving chemotherapy, which is a toxic mustard gas, and how it works is that it is extremely cytotoxic (meaning that it damages and “kills” all cells and is especially toxic to the lymphatic tissue, heart, kidneys, bladder, lungs, GI tract, reproductive system, and bone marrow), neurotoxic (meaning that it damages the nervous system and this is why people experience neuropathy and other neurologic issues), and frankly, it is toxic to absolutely everything within the body, which is why toenails and fingernails can turn black and fall off as well as the loss of one’s hair. These are the tell-tale signs that one is being poisoned, yet we still accept this as a form of treatment today, simply because of the many assumptions that I am going to discuss all throughout this article. Essentially, what this form of treatment does is kills and damages all tissues within the body, so it may appear that it has taken care of these so-called “problem cells,” but what it has truly done is decimated one's terrain, creating more cellular debris, waste products, and a highly toxic terrain, which eventually leads to more issues via these distortions within the terrain. This is why the body shuts down and sometimes dies while on chemo, or within those first 5-ish years or so after chemotherapy treatment, whether the "treatment" or body actually takes care of the "lesion/tumor/garbage pile" or not. So what is likely to be creating this death process for these individuals? Well, it is highly likely to be the treatment itself – chemotherapy, since it is poisonous (aka, toxic) to the body, where one can only handle so much damage being done to their body before it stops functioning.

Another allopathic treatment option for cancer is radiation, which is toxic to the body as well. It creates distortions in the lymphatic system as well as de-structures our inner waters and blood, leaving our tissues, organs, and all biological functioning within our body even more vulnerable and distorted than before, and the same goes for chemotherapy and/or any other toxic, petrochemical medication(s). The lymphatic and circulatory systems are both hugely necessary systems for the body because they remove these broken down cellular wastes as well as all other toxic substances and wastes (via a process of osmosis) in order to protect further damage to our body, as well as the other functioning role of our circulatory system, which is to deliver nutrients to all tissues in the body as well as remove wastes via the kidneys. Both radiation and chemotherapy affects this osmotic process because it decreases not only the charge (our electrical component) of the structured water, our cells, fluids, etc. in our bodies, but it creates membrane integrity issues, which can lead to leaking tissues/cells, edema, stagnant fluids, and a buildup of fluid, where it shouldn’t be…and this happens in so many instances of cancer treatment, but especially when radiation is used.

This is an example of a radiation burn. Courtesy of the MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The next question that we have to also ask ourselves is why do so many patients who undergo traditional cancer treatments also have to be put on “immune modulators” and steroids on top of these other “treatments?” Well, it is quite easy to answer this question because those natural processes in the body (which involve an increase in the clean-up crew members as well as an inflammatory response or process) would protect one’s body from these damaging, toxic “treatments,” so essentially, they have to put a damper on or "control" these natural processes within the body in whatever way they see fit; otherwise, they would simply interfere with their unnatural treatment process. What this translates to is that their “treatments” really wouldn’t work effectively otherwise, if they didn’t incorporate these types of things into their treatment protocol because the body would do what it needed to do in order to balance its terrain. As such, they either have to damper down the "immune system" more or turn it up (depending upon one's response to said treatment or when using immunotherapy options to "target" specific "things") because the treatment itself "suppresses" the clean up crew (and it does so because of this heavy, toxic load so essentially, these microbes, macrophages, and the like are all either being harmed/killed off, are extremely busy within the damaged areas of the terrain, and/or they are pleomorphing their hearts out in order to perform their duty, which is to sustain life). However, in the grand scheme of things, suppressing the inflammatory process only halts the detoxification processes (meaning that more damage is happening as a result because inflammation creates stability and protection) so when someone does begin to detox/cleanse all of that out, it is going to be to an extremely difficult and uncomfortable process, and in some cases, depending upon the damage that is done, may not even be possible as certain systems within the body aren’t then able to function properly. This can ultimately lead to too much damage being done within the body and then, possibly even death, especially if the body isn’t being well supported. The loss or weakening of electrical charge(s) in the body can lead to death as well because it decreases our vitality and thus, our ability to convert food into energy properly due to damaged mitochondria (remember that mitochondria are ancient microbes too so anything that disrupts the microbiome is going to disrupt their process as well). On top of that, if they suppress the body’s clean-up crew, which are the microbes and the “immune” cells, then the terrain is simply going to stockpile those messes (until it can be dealt with appropriately), which can subsequently look like the “cancer” has come back with a "vengeance" or that it has metastasized, which neither of those assumptions are actually true. The terrain simply needs its clean-up crew fully back "online" (and distortions harmonized) so that the body is then able to detoxify properly, which is where supports can come into play in order to assist as well, but if they don’t, then death can be a response to this route of treatment as well.

The last treatment option that is often offered to cancer patients is the surgical removal of the “cancer.” The surgical process itself not only creates a disturbance in the field, but removing certain body parts or even areas of an organ does not benefit the totality of a person, nor does it heal the underlying root issue(s) of what was and is transpiring in the body. In these instances, patients can die of surgical complications as well as if the functioning of one’s body does not return to normal after surgery. An example of this would be, I recently watched someone get medical treatment for their experience of cancer, where the surgeon decided to implant drainage tubes straight into this person’s kidneys (mind you, this is exactly where his "cancer" was located), like it was just a completely normal part of his biological system. This is honestly what frustrates me the most when it comes to the allopathic model of medicine because it is one of the most prominent issues that I see in medicine today, where they assume that the body only functions physically, mechanically, and chemically, completely ignoring all electromagnetic, energetic, and frequency influencing possibilities, which is weird because they use electromagnetic testing on the body, like when using an EKG, EEG, MRI, and all similar testing methods and/or machines, where they then base their treatment decisions off of these so in this way, it almost appears to be some sort of cognitive dissonance that they are experiencing, where they understand that it can be measured in such a way, but they cannot take it into account as being something that greatly affects every aspect of our being. Due to having this type of thought process, they feel that they can simply intervene in such a way within the body [without consequences] because it is viewed by them in such a simplistic, mechanical manner, and then when things start going sideways or haywire, they are completely flabbergasted and don’t understand why. Really? It couldn’t possibly be that these interventions are way too invasive and in turn, are majorly disruptive to their biofield, could it? Maybe it’s because they aren’t machinery that you can simply jimmy-rig together and call it “good.” So in this particular example of mistreatment, the medical establishment felt that these drainage tubes [for this person] was going to effectively do the job of the urinary system so that they could continue their poisonous treatment process. Like I pointed to before, the cognitive dissonance that those in this field must experience has to be absolutely astounding! They are always so baffled for being intelligent people and as such, they tend to throw out these idiopathic diagnoses so freely, which simply means that they don’t know why the body is doing what it is doing. I’m sorry, but it doesn’t take a scientist to figure out a lot of these underlying reasons for poor health outcomes because it directly relates to a distorted system, but they would actually have to talk to these individuals and learn their stories on how things have actually transpired in their lives. Without this crucial information, they are honestly flying in blind. Essentially, what this points to is the result of these highly “intelligent” people viewing our complex, interdependent, and whole system in such a simplistic and rudimentary way, and this is causing so much more harm than it is preventing. Of course this type of intervention was/is going to create issues! Honestly, how would it not? It definitely did in this situation for the person that I know, and I watched him go downhill fairly quick after they decided to do that, where he eventually passed away. However, I would never say that it was from the "cancer," but instead, was the result of this medical malpractice, negligence, and the improper treatment of a human being and in turn, was the direct result of these simplistic and dogmatic assumptions that the medical field has regarding cancer (as well as society), which is due to the many inaccurate and improper methods of study and experimentation in both the scientific and research fields. It really is as simple as that. If you start going in and determining what is and isn’t appropriate to have in one’s body, meaning that they are essentially choosing which body parts to remove and/or intervene with without so much as a forethought for future consequences (especially in such a reductionist way), then distortions are the only possible [end] result or outcome because it is based entirely upon a completely false paradigm when it comes to what really constitutes life. This isn’t a Frankenstein movie set and as such, we shouldn't be intervening in such invasive and unnatural ways. Our bodies require everything that they have in order to function optimally (and appropriately without supports, that is)…meaning that nothing is any more or any less important than one another because they are all interdependent upon one another, and hence why no doctor can tell us that removing an organ, a part of an organ, or any other part of our body is not going to affect us because it one-hundred percent does. This type of thinking alone is what creates distortions and can ultimately, end up leading to one's death as well. So, in essence, it isn’t the “cancer” that causes death, but the interventions to said “cancer” that does because it creates an even more distorted terrain, which is what influences [all aspects of] one's ability to maintain and thus, sustain life within their body. In this light, it is blatantly obvious to see that medical malpractice runs rampant in today’s society and these medical establishments take zero accountability and/or responsibility for any of it, all the while continuing to rake in huge amounts of profit, alongside killing and harming these people, simply because they continue to follow these false assumptions so blindly. Why don’t they see this, you may ask? Because they are indoctrinated, conditioned, and in that sense, under a type of “mind control” since this is the system that they were taught to strictly follow (because they were told that this is the only type of medicine that works). It’s honestly disgusting, quite sad, and is absolutely inhumane the way in which it is run. If they truly gave informed consent to patients and had any sort of transparency, then people would run away in droves and wouldn’t ever [return or] buy into their business model of so-called “healthcare” again. Why? Because in all honesty, it appears to be some type of “death cultish” way of thinking (meaning that there is no real regard for human life) since their protocols and procedures include burning, scraping, cutting, mutilating, destroying, poisoning, manipulating, and gaslighting...all of which have the possibility and real likelihood to lead to the death of one’s body at a certain point, especially when it comes to their forms of "cancer treatment." Essentially, what I am trying to say here is that their practices are life depleting and barbaric, which is what has led to and continues to lead to the death of so many people across the country (and worldwide) each and every day. It’s gross and absolutely heartbreaking at the same time.

Figure 1.0 This is the drainage tube procedure that I speak of above and you can see what I highlighted in yellow.

2. Are these people nutritionally sound and supporting themselves in a healthy manner? If not, then it isn’t the “cancer” that kills them, but the environmental factors that created the body to distort in the first place.

If the body is not able to utilize nutritional foods and experiences in order to convert into electrical, kinetic, photonic, vibrational, and chemical energy, then the body will de-harmonize (and distort), which then leads to oxidative, autonomic, microbiome, and bio-energetic/electrical stress on one's body. At a certain point, the body only has so many buffers, pathways, and processes that it can use to keep it running, functioning, and thus, alive. Yet, we blame the detoxification pathway of “cancer” as the sole cause of it…when in actuality, it is actively trying to prevent your death. In this sense, the entire mainstream narrative regarding it is completely upside down and inside out.

3. What are these people’s beliefs around the concept of “cancer” or health in general?

Fear is a breeding ground for distorted thinking patterns and thus, distorted actions and/or behaviors. Distortions are essentially beliefs and thus, actions that aren’t aligned with truth or how reality really works and thus, the way that life actually unfolds for us. So in turn, if you are constantly told that “cancer” is to be feared, then you are going to live in that fear process and it will continually bleed into how you view absolutely everything within your reality. It will then create scenarios where you feel like you are a victim to the natural processes of your body, especially as it comes back into balance, which is what allopathic medicine then labels as THE disease process, but it is not and never has been it. In essence, this is the manipulation that I am referring to, whether one realizes that they are doing it or not. They do so in order to obtain a monetary benefit in return because they aren't "curing" anyone of anything. This suppression of symptoms, suppresses one's cleansing and terrain balancing process and is not in anyone's best interest. It’s not for the good of humanity and never has been. They have created a system in such a way that has a monopoly on “healthcare” and “healing” and they have done so via prosecuting and condemning any other forms of care for humans. Why is this? Because they have patents and copyrights on treating disease (and so-called “illnesses”) and billions, possibly even trillions, of dollars that hang in the balance via these fraudulent [money-making] practices and theories…but, the ultimate trick is that there are no diseases (only bio-terrain distortions), so they simply made all of these diagnoses up in order to make a profit. As such, they are the real snake oil salesmen that they have been warning us about all along…projection much? I think so! They then go on to use gaslighting as a means to silence dissenters to what they are “selling.” It is a huge, corrupt business model that takes advantage of people every single day, but the awesome thing is that we don’t have to go along with their narratives, if we don't want to. This, in turn, will bankrupt them eventually, which will allow other forms of healing to “enter the arena” and truly assist people. Until then, they won’t change their ways and neither will these mainstream narratives regarding scientific literature and research since their money infiltrates absolutely everything in order to sway many, if not almost all scientific findings their way, as well as to propagandize the people into believing these lies and false assumptions that are based upon emotional manipulation, but especially fear (and we saw this at an all-time high during the “pandemic”), since people who are fearful [are easy to control] and will do as they are told by those who are portrayed as the “saviors” within society, even when they are anything, but that. In this sense, it isn’t so much about “cancer” causing these deaths, but rather, the belief in these falsehoods that leads one to seek toxic treatment, or have these distorted thoughts, which then leads to actions that create further distortion in their terrain, and this will ultimately lead to more experiences of “health issues” because it takes more energy, vitality, and shifting "power" in order to come back into balance. And even then, it’s a wild goose chase game with medications that continue to harm the mitochondria and microbiome…all of which, will eventually lead to the death of any organism. It is blatantly obvious when we look at it from a different angle, outside of the realm of fear and being “brainwashed.” This is where we can then see our body as whole and capable, and from there, there is no going back.

Links to Various Sources Regarding The Flexner Report:

4. Is the person continually exposing themselves to toxins (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic)? If so, then it isn’t this intelligent detox process that kills him or her, but is the toxins themselves doing the damage or harm to the organism.

As you can see, it is important to take all of these other factors into consideration before simply blaming one’s death on the “cancer” itself. Hence, the reason why it is also wise to be knowledgeable about these assumptions (especially, the breakdown of them) as well as in the natural processes of our bodies. If we aware of this, then fear cannot be used against us as an emotional manipulation tool and in turn, our health experiences improve because we then hold the power in our own hands to create the change that we would like to experience in our lives.

Assumption #2: Cancer is caused by an abnormal growth of cells.

So, let’s get this straight…an abnormal cell, whose chromosomes are damaged and not functioning properly, is supposedly able to divide via mitosis in order to create more cells, which in turn, requires fully functioning pairs of chromosomes in order to form a new cell, but how do they do that if the chromosomes and cellular mechanisms are damaged? Well, to better explain this for those who are unfamiliar with cell division theory, Dr. Cowan uses a great analogy for this, which paints a clearer picture of this in a more easily, understandable way.

His analogy (summed up, of course): Say that I have a car for sale. The front of it is smashed, it is missing a wheel, the engine is sitting in the trunk, and the steering wheel is in the backseat, but I continue to tell all potential buyers that the car runs and drives great and that it will likely be the best car that they have ever driven/owned and they will absolutely love it! As a matter of fact, it is such a great car that it drives twice as fast as all of the other cars on the road, making it a great deal. So, would you want to buy it? If not, then why?  

Well, from mere observation and some basic knowledge of the mechanisms of how a car works, do you really think that anyone would believe this? Most likely not. These people would think that the seller of this vehicle was absolutely off their rocker (or that it was some type of joke), but this same exact story is repeated over and over again about cancer cells and theory, yet everyone still believes it or they simply do not question the narrative because it comes from these supposed research, scientific, and medical “experts.” So in other words, these “experts” say that these aneuploid cells are abnormal, damaged cells with chromosomal abnormalities, but if that were the case, then those cells wouldn’t be able to divide via the normal mitosis process or survive as “daughter cells” because according to their own model of cellular division, you need functional pairs of chromosomes and a functioning cellular process to do this, but yet these “cancerous cells” supposedly multiply at twice the speed of normal cells with “machinery” that isn’t even capable of dividing by their own standards. The medical establishment will say to this that the reason for this cell division possibility [with aneuploid cells] is because the checkpoint (within the spindle assembly) and certain genes aren’t functioning appropriately as inhibitors so the cellular division goes on unchecked, yet they do not tell us why or really how this would work…except that it is possibly tied back to DNA and genetics…at this point, what isn’t tied back to that in their eyes? It somehow always comes back to that, but they, themselves, don’t even understand genetics (and you’ll have to read the previous article that I wrote about this topic to better understand all of the assumptions surrounding that), nor do they understand the full functioning of the human body as it relates to being influenced by more than merely physicality or the reality that so-called “genetics” fluctuate depending upon many [experiential] factors, but at the basis of it, it is frequency data packs of information that influence the expression or experience of the body (as well as consciousness). As such, those within the medical establishment never truly have a reason for anything that one experiences (like we are all just random jackpot winners when something starts going sideways…often labeling conditions as idiopathic in nature, meaning that it just came about spontaneously or there really is no known cause for it...well, in their eyes) and that is why you will find people continually cycling back through their doors over and over again throughout the years. What do you expect…if you don’t have any answers for someone, then there never really is a solution…and as a result, only symptom suppressors are administered or utilized and that is very apparent in the medical field today. Our bodies don’t just distort or have symptoms for no apparent reason at all…and DNA, a diagnosis, an assumption, and/or a deficiency in a pharmaceutical product are NOT the underlying reasons for why something is happening. There are patterned, progressional, and cyclical responses that our body has (and utilizes) as it distorts from a harmonious environment. These symptoms and experiences of the individual are usually a roadmap back to the answers for one that is willing to look, but allopathic professionals do not look at this whole picture and quite honestly, how could they when their assumptions are already coming from a distorted place? They instead, follow “the science,” which for the most part are highly flawed theories, assumptions, and/or narratives anyways, due to the process of their experiments and the way in which they study things, and then they also tend to look to the bloodwork for answers, which can vary from moment to moment, or even a set of symptoms in order to match those up to a certain description in their medical books as a way to classify them into some sort of category, whether that is a disease, disorder, and/or condition, because in order to get paid by the insurance companies, there has to be a diagnostic code used. When in reality, there really are no diseases…only distortions, where the symptoms are the healing process (or answer) to the balancing of the body. For instance, a red, oozing rash or boil is simply a cleansing process happening as the body’s waste comes out through the skin. It isn’t an “infection”…it is toxic waste being released by the body, and bacteria are simply at the site because they are performing their role as part of the clean-up crew or process so that the skin returns back to normal…yet, they are constantly mistaken as the disease process itself, where antibiotics are then administered, which then halts this detox or cleansing process (to resume at a later date or via a different pathway, route, or process), so the main or major [healing] symptom(s) then disappears, where mainstream medicine then calls this suppression of symptoms, a healing success. Yet, often times, other symptoms will appear in their place after being given antibiotics and the reason for this is pleomorphism (and you’ll have to read my previous article on probiotics to learn more about this because I go into further detail there), where the microbiome morphs into the microbes that are most necessary in that moment in order to clean up the terrain. Antibiotics are well-known to be cytotoxic (and toxic in general as their name implies – anti-life), meaning that both cells and tissues can be damaged and even killed when exposed to them, so essentially, what this does is creates more fungi and yeasts within the body because they are then required within the terrain (pleomorphing our microbes, protids, somatids, and microzymas) as a way to break down and eat up all of those [damaged and dead] cells and/or tissues, among other wastes. As they do this, the mess is then cleaned up and one’s terrain is restored back to balance. In allopathic medicine though, this would be referred to as a “yeast infection” after being given antibiotics…when in fact, they are there for the purpose of cleaning up the mess that the antibiotic caused in the first place. The same cleansing process happens in any other symptoms that we experience within our body, like a runny nose, diarrhea, vomiting, etc., and the process or experience of “cancer” is no different here. There are disruptions in the terrain and biofield that lead to these specific, intelligent behaviors and/or processes in the body as a way for it to come back into balance, while at the same time, meeting the survival needs of an organism as best as it can. In essence, we simply have to switch our perspective on what the body is doing from one that is “dysfunctional and flawed” to one that is intelligent and fully functional, but it does require our support as well and that is where these basic foundations of health come into play.

To further break down their claims, we also have to look at what type of energy resource or capacity a cell would need to have in order to multiply so fast as well as to function properly after this division occurs. I would assume that it would take an extreme amount of mitochondrial power…except, in instances of “cancer,” mitochondrial (and metabolic) impairment is usually an underlying issue. So, how can you have a “runaway, co-opted” cell that likely has a mitochondrial impairment issue and thus, cannot really function appropriately? Would this not trigger a distortion flag for the clean-up crew of the body? You know, kind of like a waste pile of sorts that is put out so that it can be picked up for removal. From my perspective, it is almost as if there are poisonous substances (or poor nutrition and thus, a poor electrical charge or signal) harming one’s tissues, which then creates these end-stage, periphery cells to slough off from these tissues and/or organs, whose mitochondria are damaged as a result as well as all of the contents within it, where they then create their own SOS frequency signal to the microbiome in order to be taken care of (maybe that is the “unchecked,” fast “cellular division,” but who knows, that may only occur in a cell culture/petri-dish as they poison, starve, and “study them,” and like I always say, there is purpose in everything that the body does so this is no different here)…that is, if the terrain isn’t too distorted, damaged, and/or overwhelmed already in order to continue on. However, I personally don’t really ever see anyone as “being too far gone” or “past a tipping point” as it relates to regaining their balance and harmony back within their body because our bodies are such a miraculous organism, system, and self-healing tool, but then again, if we don’t ever support them with proper nutrition and/or an avoidance or cessation of toxic substance exposure, then it can eventually experience too many distortions and will ultimately, shut down at some point. However, when acknowledging that there needs to be a shift or change in our behavior, then these influential frequencies will work in our favor in order to assist in bringing us to this harmonization point.

This is an article describing the energy that is needed for cell division from Trends in Cell Biology.

Furthermore, the medical establishment also has many other underlying assumptions regarding cells, genetics, and biological function that are highly flawed. Their theories often quickly fall apart when you begin breaking them down into smaller pieces, or steps, of information and actually assess each process closely that they say occurs. So for instance, we would really have to know exactly what cells are, their function, all of their processes, and such before coming to any conclusions about what these cells are exactly doing or telling us as it relates to “cancer” or what we have been told about “cancer.” We don’t know any of this for certain because any time that research is done on these supposed cells, whether that is normal diploid cells or aneuploid cells, they are done so in a cell culture, which is an uncontrolled and highly flawed way to know anything about them because the environment itself of those cells in a culture is very toxic and nutritionally suppressive so automatically, they are going to behave differently than when in a normal, human body. That brings me to my next few questions? Do we actually know how in vitro versus in vivo cells behave? Not really. Do we really know for certain if there are cells, outside of blood and “immune” cells, that make up our body? Nope. Wouldn’t it make more sense for all organs, tissues, and muscles in our bodies to be made of one continuous, stable band of tissue, instead of rows of “unpredictable” cells? Which of these scenarios would also be more structurally sound? That is why I point to the fact that these tissues may simply be "sloughing off" these “cell-like” structures, which are actually simple pockets of broken down, waste materials. I’m not saying that this is the only option that there is or that this is the case, but it appears more plausible to me than the explanation that we are given, which is based upon flawed data from flawed experimental designs. Furthermore, when tissue is taken out of the body to be seen under a microscope, it has already begun to break down because it is no longer in its natural environment (meaning, that it is without its natural frequency instructions – both structural and functional) so this may be why some “cellular” [debris] structures can be seen under the microscope. What if the “division of these cells” is actually the break down process of these tissues and that is why it gets more and more dysfunctional as it breaks down? These are all questions that need to be looked into further and addressed before any of these narratives (or theories) can be fully accepted as factual and thus, taken seriously as a way to drive proper treatment methods. Without this, one can only assume and/or guess how things work inside the body, especially when everything is based upon a scientific framework, or body of work, that has taken place outside of the body, which you may now be able to see why none of what they do makes any logical sense and why "cures" are not only not possible within the allopathic framework of medicine, but harm is actually being caused to their patients as a result of these distorted perspectives. This is why I am such a huge advocate for not intervening with the body in such an unnatural and invasive way.

Harold Hillman was a great pioneer in questioning all of these theories. Some of his work can be found here - The information that he presents assists in bringing all of my previous questions into better view for what may really be going on within the body so that is why I felt that it was important to mention him here.

In all honesty, the experience of cancer is multi-faceted as far as root causes are concerned; however, I’m not convinced that an out-of-control growth of aneuploid cells is one of them. I would relate the underlying roots to a more distorted bio-terrain, which shows us that any disturbances within the holistic [electromagnetic/toroidal] field can be at the root of this experience of “cancer.” These can include any or all of the following – physical roots (like poisons, toxins, poor diet, nutritional gaps, etc.), emotional roots (like emotions that haven’t been processed, traumas, and the like), mental roots (like certain mental programs that dictate one’s actions that are not aligned with truth and authenticity), and energetic roots (like frequency distortions…think in terms of an out of tune piano). However, the medical establishment will never consider these other factors as real causative influences and as a result, will not study them because their eyes have only ever been on genetics and physical findings, yet the physical findings are always the last step in any process that occurs within our body. In other words, it is the final process after all of the other things have already influenced the organism, so studying that thin slice of the overall picture is never going to give us an accurate depiction of what is truly going on in the body. They sure try their darnedest to convince us of that though, don’t they?


Assumption #3: Cancer metastasizes.

If we do not know exactly what cells are, how they function, their real inner contents, their inner workings, and organelles, as well as their true life cycle or course of action, then how can anyone claim that cancer cells have the ability to metastasize or even cause a disease process in the first place? Just because these cells are found in various places in the body, it doesn’t mean that they have metastasized from one place of origin to another, but rather, it can mean that those other tissues are going through a similar cleansing phase as well, which is a normal healing and restructuring phase of our tissues. It signals that the terrain has likely been poisoned and/or distorted in some way, causing this damage to the tissues or an end-stage part of those tissues, and this in turn, requires more support from the person with some basic health implementations, which can include air quality/oxygenation/electromagnetic charge, food/nutrition, pure/alive/mineralized water, exposure to sunlight and nature, sleep and rest, emotional balance and stability, body and energy balance, awareness of mental programming, environmental exposures, and open detoxification pathways. But, in the meantime, the body is going to do what it is necessary in order for it to survive, which is coalescing all of this cellular debris and waste material into a specific area so that it can be handled more easily by the clean-up crew.

I’ll briefly touch on another aspect of this assumption as well regarding the blood. If metastasis was a real phenomenon, then you would think that these cancer cells would be found in the blood at some point before they head to another destination (or that they could simply test for “cancer” cells within the blood, besides just using “tumor marker” tests), but it appears that they never are there, so why is this? Well, it is likely because the assumption is skewed and not accurate per their [narrow] view of how the body really works and/or functions.

Dr. Cowan discusses this assumption rather well in this video, so I feel that it is best to share it here since it shows that this accepted point of view may actually be incorrect, or at least, skewed, which brings us right back to the first assumption that was discussed – cancer is something that has to be “fought against” and “killed,” as if it is alive and taking control over our bodies by sneaking around, tricking the clean-up crew (aka, the “immune system” and microbiome), and thus, supposedly “spreading.” When in reality, it may merely be that the toxic waste and cellular debris are found in multiple areas (due to the damage done and the natural renewal process of our tissues) so pushing fear and “fighting” tactics against our bodies is not only unnecessary, but is harmful, when we could simply be supporting the cleansing process and our natural renewal cycles of our body instead.


Assumption #4: Cancer is caused by parasites.

Parasites are not the enemy, people. They get blamed in the same manner that microbes get blamed for disease processes…when just like microbes, they are a crucial part of the clean-up crew of the body. They have an affinity for cleaning up heavy metals and a messy terrain. This is why they are often found in fish and those meats, like pork, because those animals have been exposed to the highest levels or amounts of heavy metals via their food consumption as well as their natural environment. I honestly feel that parasites are somehow part of the microbiome pleomorphic process because it’s highly unlikely that a “parasite” or a “parasite egg” is going to make it past someone’s stomach acid to supposedly, “infest/infect” a “host.” Essentially, they are part of the breakdown process of heavy metals and other toxic substances within the macro-biome (as a whole) and our physical bodies are not separate nor “spared” from this process either. So, if there are findings of parasites in tumors, or in an area of concern, then we must realize that they are there performing a job, which is likely cleaning up heavy metals, toxic substances, and excesses, which are likely causing the issues in the first place and thus, this tissue damage and as a result, these end stage cells (on the periphery of organs and tissues) appear as “lesions” and/or are sloughed off as “tumors” in what medicine refers to as “cancer.” I feel that it’s crucial in pinpointing the correct root cause and this is where I differ with about 99.9% of naturopathic practitioners out there because they often buy into this parasite narrative of dis-ease, which I do not. Like I tell many of my clients, if your terrain is balanced and there aren’t heavy metals present, then you aren’t going to experience a large amount of parasites (nor candida)…why? Because they aren’t needed then due to there being nothing to clean up and thus, feed on. In this sense, our bodies tend to not do things that aren’t necessary for us so once things come back into balance, then all morphing microbes will revert back to their primordial state, which is simply the precursors to all of these microbes, and they can be seen under a darkfield microscope as tiny, light-emitting organisms. As such, the amount of these seen in the blood can give us clues as to what the terrain is up to at any given moment.

Figure 1.1 This is an excerpt from NOURISHINGPOST by Becky Plotner

Figure 1.2 This is an abstract from a PUBMED article, titled Heavy Metals, Parasitologic and Oxidative

Stress Biomarker Investigations in Heterotis Niloticus from Lekki Lagoon, Lagos, Nigeria

Therefore, if your go to for symptoms is always a parasite cleanse (because that is the narrative that you buy into and thus, believe), then please know that these metals and other toxins may still be an issue for you, if they are not addressed alongside any parasite “remediation.” This is likely the reason why so many people have detox, or “die off,” symptoms too after beginning a parasite cleanse because as the parasites die off, the metals and other toxins that they have consumed are then either released or the parasites are no longer alive to clean up and take care of the messy terrain, so the damage and symptoms may continue as the terrain distorts further. In other words, parasites are not at the root of an issue…heavy metals and other toxins are within an already distorted terrain.


So many of you may now be asking, if this was the case, then why are “anti-parasitics” assisting those who are experiencing “cancer?” The follow-up question to this that I have is how do we know which pathway or process is being affected by these “anti-parasitic” medications and/or natural remedies? What if they are simply affecting the detoxification pathways in some way and in turn, are mobilizing the clean-up crew? What if they assist in cleaning up the terrain, where the parasites are then no longer needed? This is the type of critical thinking that we should be moving towards, instead of these linear thought processes, where we believe that this specific medication, herb, and/or supplement is simply utilized for killing parasites and microbes, so in turn, it must be parasites and/or microbes at the root of creating this particular issue. This then leads to the view of using anti- language (or narratives) with everything, which goes right back to "battling the body." As such, it's a much too simplistic and reductionist view to be the entire answer for such a process, especially when one is looking at it from a “flawed or imperfect” narrative. In other words, parasites are the remedy to the initial problem. They are essentially, a signal that something is amiss so if we simply target them, then that will actually pleomorph the microbiome (the protids, somatids, and microzymas) into more “robust” measures of creating fungi and yeasts in order to clean up those heavy metals as well as damaged and dying tissues. Then, after the parasite cleanse is finished, one will want to go after this emergence of Candida and yeast (because it has now flared)…and I'm over here like gee, I wonder why?! Even in the natural health field, these assumptions are often the same…and as such, they will advocate for others to go after yeast too since it is seen as the “bad guy” in their narrative as well…yet again though, it isn’t the root issue. A heavily toxic and distorted terrain is at the root of the issue almost every single time. This is why I also distance myself from many narratives within the natural health field because it reads from the same playbook that allopathic medicine does, but with naturopathic practitioners, they simply add in natural remedies for their recommendations as a means to bring balance…yet, it doesn’t long term either because their focus is not on the initial root cause. Instead, they play whack-a-mole in cycles with the microbiome. This creates a rather fun cycle for their clients, being that they are usually stuck chasing parasites, bacteria, “viruses,” fungi/yeasts, deficiencies, sensitivities, etc., while those who are teaching the “new ways of biology” are focusing on changing perceptions, which in turn, transforms lives and I’m so glad to be a part of that movement, where we see each person as absolutely capable, whole, and essentially, the healer of themselves...the way that it truly is! Ultimately, what this means is that you can’t create life and a sustained vitality based upon a killing protocol and/or a constant “death process” or "battle" with your body since your body IS that microbiome…so in this sense, killing any natural part of your terrain isn’t going to equate to an overall, healthier organism...quite the contrary happens as more distortions are allowed into one's field of conscious experience. The outcome of this distorted way of thinking can be witnessed in both the naturopathic and allopathic fields of medicine.

Assumption #5: Cancer is caused by “viruses.”

“Viruses” are simply cellular debris within an extracellular vesicle so in that regard, they are not the cause of cancer nor any disease, but are instead, a way that a cell and/or tissue detoxifies itself. They are “found” in all samples of cell cultures, whether the cells are “diseased” or not.

In order to explain this false assumption further or to the fullest extent, I feel that it is best to break down the process of how they "prove" that a "virus" exists in the first place, so here is an outline of that process:

1. They get a sample from a human displaying symptoms.

2. They centrifuge out the bacteria, but all other contaminants remain in the sample. This is their so-called purification and isolation stage, which simply separates out the bacteria and nothing else...there could be a ton of toxic and experiment-altering substances within the sample still.

3. They put this remaining human sample into a cell culture using monkey kidney cells, which introduces more possible contaminants.

4. They then decrease nutrition within the cell culture, thus starving the cells of their nutrition.

5. They add in fetal bovine serum to the cell culture, which introduces more possible contaminants, but they say that this provides hormone factors for cell proliferation and growth.

6. Due to possible bacteria growth [because the cells are dying and bacteria are the clean-up crew of dead and dying tissue], they then add in amphotericin and gentamicin, which are antibiotics, to the cell culture. Both of these are highly toxic to kidney cells (and they use monkey kidney cells for their culture); hence, a poisoning ensues to the monkey kidney cells.

7. As the cell culture dies, they blame a supposed invisible "virus" and take none of the prior mentioned poisonings and contaminations (without controls, mind you) into consideration as the cause of cellular death.

8. In order to prove their findings, they use an electron microscope to find something that aligns with their already concocted narrative and thus, assumptions that there is an “invisible” particle at fault for these cytopathic effects.

9. The poisoning doesn't stop after the culture process. In order to get a usable image with an electron microscope, they have to dehydrate, freeze, slice up, add heavy metals to the sample, and more to see anything via an electron microscope. It's alright though, with no controls, they cannot see that this process entirely alters the reality of what really goes on within a cell culture. When they see the extracellular vesicles from this cellular poisoning process, they say, "There...there it is...that is the ‘virus’ right there." When in fact, these extracellular vesicles can be found in each “dis-ease” [distorted] process, like cancer, kidney disease, and so on, as well as the normal breakdown process of tissues and cells in the body so everyone has these in their body at any given time. This is the body's natural way of detoxifying waste out of a tissue/cell so that it can live.

10. An electron microscope image is a still-shot image, meaning that nothing is live or alive. As a result, they have never seen a so-called "virus" in real time move into a cell, infect the cell, multiply, and then kill the cell. That has never been witnessed by these "virologists," yet, this narrative is repeated over and over again as if they have.

11. They then use a computer software program to sequence the possible genetic code of this so-called "virus," which is simply the waste of the poisoned cell culture.

If you would like more information on this topic, you can look into the work of Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Sam and Mark Bailey, Dr. Stefan Lanka, and so many more. It’s really time that we shift away from this false narrative. In doing so, we don't have to live in fear anymore or under the rule of the medical establishment’s tyranny [in conjunction with the government], where their main goal is to control us via fear and psychological manipulation in order to make financial gains…just like the germ theory does so that they can get us all in line to take their vaccines, which are simply a myriad of toxic ingredients mixed within a vial (and this was very apparent with the push of their latest one). On top of this, it should also be known that none of their experiments have ever satisfied Koch’s postulates either, which is the gold standard when it comes to determining the causal relationship between “pathogens” and “disease.” All of it is such a farce and a complete medical fraud, especially since there are no controls in any of their experiments...there is no purification, isolation, or any such witnessed and scientifically provable experience of a contagious "virus,” which simply means that none of it is provably true! If other processes within the body create these same tiny, extracellular vesicles, then how can "virologists" distinguish those vesicles from a so-called "virus?" They can't and that is the entire is a completely false assumption. As such, since there are too many variables within their experiments (especially, without proper controls), then it's quite obvious that all of their results are a false conclusion or outcome.



Furthermore, if there has never been a proven, replicable experiment that has shown a “virus” to exist, especially as the cause of disease, then how do they know that it is causing “cancer?” We would need to prove that it exists in the first place and then prove [with controls] that it is the sole cause of a “disease” process. After that, then it would have to be proven that it causes “cancer,” but, they would first have to prove that cancer is what they say it is, which likely, none of it can be proven via the methods that they use…nor am I sure that it could ever be proven that way since the extraction method is likely leading to some of these cytopathic effects that we see [in these cell culture experiments] because the tissue is being taken out of its natural [electromagnetic influencing] environment, which is going to equate to a distorted terrain that is highly influenced by its new environment and in the case of medical research, that environment is nothing but toxic, so we can certainly imagine what those end results are always going to be…cellular death by a boogeyman of some sort that they classify as the cause of “disease.” So, in that sense, will we ever have any actual answers via scientific experimentation and verification? I’m leaning towards probably not because as it stands, it’s heavily controlled in such a way that makes it nearly impossible to get anything funded outside of academia and institutions as well as any outside publications, especially if the results don’t ideologically line up with theirs, which for them is to continue pushing their genetic and pathogen driven narratives, which in turn, makes them billions and trillions of dollars from the people that they are claiming to serve. If a breakthrough does happen, just like the research of Dr. Stefen Lanka, it will be heavily censored and fought against, even by those in the natural health field because they too make a profit off from these narratives and as such, they tell people to take probiotics, natural anti-virals, natural anti-fungals, natural anti-biotics, etc...and that goes right back to the use of anti- language narratives, as if our natural processes in our bodies are not a part of us nor are they assisting us. This modern health paradigm, based upon consumerism, is an absolutely corrupt, dogmatic, and a self-fulfilling operation that is likely coming to a close as more people awaken to the charade that has been played on humanity, and “cancer” is but one of those major movers and shakers in that awakening process. I say shake away and bring on this new awareness!

Assumption #6: Cancer is genetic.

Ah, genetics…the cause of absolutely everything, or so, the medical establishment and research community would like us to believe. To better understand this assumption, the first question that we would need answered completely is, “what are genes, DNA, and genetics?” We would need an elaborate breakdown of each process and method that they used to figure this out so that we can see if it is indeed, following a gold standard process of scientific research and thus, is an accurate way of coming to these conclusions and/or definitions. Questioning science is actually the way to “do science.” If it cannot be questioned, then it is simply dogma, which as of today, is a great majority of science and medical theories in “practice.” After this questioning process, they would then have to answer our next question, which is “how can we be sure that what we are being told about our genes, DNA, and genetics is true when none of the other testing measures, methods, and procedures are an accurate way of ‘doing science’ or coming to an accurate in turn, can you please prove that your findings are truly replicable by using a third-party, unbiased group of individuals (that are agreed upon), where there are zero conflicts of interest of course, so that we can be sure that these findings are indeed, true?” If not, then the whole theory should be called into question as being accurate. Again, I’m not so certain that this all can be resolved or “settled” with science either because what we are discussing here goes beyond matter and physicality, meaning beyond particles, chemicals, biologic components, etc., which appears to be a limit in scientific research and allopathic medicine. As such, it may simply lead to more unanswerable questions.

In all honesty, the topic of genetics is much too broad to address it all in this type of article or format here, so I feel that to best address it, you can read my article titled “Let’s Talk About Genetic Testing And DNA As It Relates To Nutraceutical Recommendations And Our Health,” which can be found here:

As far as the oncogene theory goes in relation to cancer, Dr. Cowan does a great job describing the flawed assumption in this medical theory:

As you can see, genetics are likely a flawed theory and narrative as well when it comes to cancer because research has actually shown that it is a distorted or “diseased” cytoplasm (not its nucleus, where the chromosomes and thus, genetics are housed) that creates the distortion or damage of the cell, and this is likely due to the loss of structured water in the cytoplasm, which then points back to being poisoned in some way, nutritionally starved, or is simply an end-stage, dying cell, like I stated before.

Figure 1.3 Outline from Podcast Conversation Between Dr. Tom Cowan and Ben Greenfield

Assumption #7: Chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and tumor removals are the only ways to assist someone who is experiencing cancer.

This is a highly incorrect assumption. There are alternative and holistic supports that can assist one’s body with coming back into balance. I cannot state specifics as far as “treatments” go, where they are based upon a diagnosis because holistic practitioners have been demonized, legally harassed and imprisoned, and some have even lost their lives for trying to assist those who are experiencing cancer. When in reality, we simply recommend certain basic health implementations in order to bring about holistic [harmonic] balance. We don’t treat a diagnosis…that isn’t our wheel-house and frankly, we cannot do so legally so in turn, we see the person as a whole and thus, look for specific distortions within one’s behavior and lifestyle patterns/choices and then go from there. As life is lived more harmoniously [in alignment] with truth, then healing can happen on all levels so essentially what this means is that the body takes care of business on its own. As such, supporting a person who is experiencing cancer is a very individualized process because each person’s story is different and thus, a different supportive and holistic approach is taken in each individual case. Again, our goal isn’t to treat the diagnosis, but rather, to see the person as whole and capable (and be their reminder of that), walk them through their fear, and to mentor them on the basic foundations of health so that they are empowered to implement change. Honestly, this is how all distortions are healed (or harmonized) within the body so whether someone has a “cancer” diagnosis or not is irrelevant to our recommendations, unless there are specific contraindications that come along with it.


Assumption #8: Cancer is to be feared and is often a death sentence without conventional treatment since it is a progressive disease.

This assumption goes back to how we have been conditioned to view cancer. It has been shown to us in a constant, fear-driven light [and narrative], especially since the fundraising began for its research efforts, which was the initial “war on cancer,” so it isn’t any wonder as to why people have such a great fear of it. Not only that, but the focus has always been on the statistics of death surrounding it since almost every oncologists goes the route of giving one their life expectancy as soon as the words cancer are muttered. It is honestly quite baffling once you become awakened to the indoctrination and assumptions of this intelligent process of the body. Hearing an oncologist speak to their patients is like hearing a master of manipulation (a narcissist, if you will), where there is a heavy emphasis on utilizing fear tactics so that these people can "act now, or else." It honestly sounds like a threatening sales pitch, where compassion is thrown out the window and instead, we are left with an Agent Smith (from the movie, The Matrix) sitting across from us. If you can decipher sound frequencies and how they align with truth, their messaging is quite obviously distorted, even if the oncologist believes that what they are saying is true or not. If you dare to ask them a simple question regarding root causes, it’s as if they begin glitching because they believe that the “cancer” is the cause for all of one's symptoms and so, that is the root of the problem that “requires fixing.” And since they continue to practice in this way, people are just going to keep cycling in and dying.

The medical establishment holds strong in their beliefs to limitation(s) and so, they only believe in physical matter as it relates to the body (and thus, only use those evidence-based practices that they always preach about), but the true nature of our reality proves quite the opposite to be true. The only limits that we encounter are those that we place upon ourselves. So in other words, what stories and/or narratives are we feeding ourselves and/or focusing on? Because the mind and consciousness are great tools to assist us in shifting our perceptions and thus, these limitations that we placed upon ourselves as far as what we feel that we are capable of doing and/or achieving. And please keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be the most complex supports through those times of struggle either, but rather, something that speaks truth and alignment back into ourselves the most…and that could be as simple as listening to frequencies or music and/or giving ourselves space, grace, and love in every way by taking a step back to assess our life. You’ll know the impact that something has made on you [or resonated with you] when it (the joy, the peace, the love, and the chills…those harmonic frequencies) “hit” you. It is at “that point” that the body harmonizes and “healing” occurs and there are many layers or perceptions as to why, ranging from entering a parasympathetic state at that moment to simply expanding your conscious awareness of truth and thus, aligning with that harmonic of healing. So, in essence, continue following those feelings and do more of that which ignites you and brings you to life.

Therefore, there really is nothing to fear. However, if you find that fear is arising, allow it to be felt and acknowledged fully because it is simply an energy that is asking to be moved through (not clung to) from these programmed behavioral responses that we have grown accustomed to using in our everyday life. Please also realize that nothing is a death sentence, unless you decide that it is one. This is the importance of perception shifts and the deprogramming of our minds, and this in turn, extends out to our nervous and limbic systems (as well as the body as a whole), where the likelihood of harmonizing distortions increases exponentially, especially as we begin to respond differently to external stimuli and thus, situations. This different response changes our automatic or programmed behavior (and thus, electromagnetic, chemical, and biological responses, creating new neural pathways), which then leads to a different outcome or experience of life reflected back for us. As this goes on, our body harmonizes more and more with truth, rather than with those untrue distortions [whether that be within the framework of allopathic medicine and scientific research or in those natural health narratives] and so, our underlying data packs of influential frequencies or information [within one’s biofield] creates a more harmonized and optimal functioning terrain within one's body. This is what “healing” truly is so don’t be swayed or swindled into believing that none of this is possible in any number of situations and/or experiences. In every way, YOU are always the answer and the key!

As far as the progressional assumption regarding cancer goes, it is actually a phase driven cycle, which is why it may appear progressional at certain phases. However, the way in which the medical establishment operates once they find “cancer” is to attack it almost immediately so the phase or cycle of this process cannot usually be tracked. But, this is why some people experience a coming and going of “cancer.” So for instance, one scan could pick up what appears to be “cancer” in the breast tissue and then the follow up scans [without any treatment] could show a “remission,” “false alarm,” or “progression” of this cleansing process as the terrain goes through its phases and cycles of clean-up. A so-called “remission” is simply the end-phase of the clean-up cycle; whereas, a “progression” is the mid-phase portion of the cycle, where the gathering of waste, toxins, and debris are at an all-time high, which kick starts the next phase of the clean-up cycle. This process can also sometimes look like an “infection” to the unknowing eye, but it is the mobilization and utilization of the microbiome (or terrain balancers), whose role is to assist with the waste removal process. As an example, I have people that are close to me who have personally went through this for years leading up to their actual diagnosis of “cancer” and then ultimately, the conventional treatment of it. With one of these individuals, the chemotherapy did not get rid of the tumor and thus, surgical intervention was the next step as well as radiation, which then left this individual with lymphedema, hypersensitive areas of the body, as well as scar tissue that was/is extremely painful, which led to fascial restrictions and adhesions on that side of the body for quite a while. This individual then experienced a pleural effusion ten years later on that same side as the radiation treatment and what appeared to be some type of “blood distortion/effect” as well, which equated to a thickening process of their blood. In naturopathic school, we are taught that this is usually associated with a poisoning of sorts. However, with what I have learned beyond these naturopathic assumptions is that the body responds and answers to our experiences in a way that is conducive to healing and supporting these processes as they naturally occur is ideal, as to not disrupt the terrain further. Yes, there may be a poisoning at the root of it, but those platelets and increases in other components of the blood are being used for a purpose to heal the body in a manner that is best suited for it. An increase in white blood cells simply signals to me that the terrain is being cleaned-up. So essentially, what many see as a disease or disorder is actually the body coming back into a state of balance and thus, harmony. However, it can definitely appear to us as something that is “going sideways” for a while, but with foundational supports and perception shifts, the experience can be vastly different than a fearful one. I’m not saying that it is an easy path to walk because fear (and other untrue programs) will likely arise, especially since our society has programmed us in such a way, but it is ultimately, an experience that really teaches us about the true nature of reality (and life) and in turn, shows us precisely how intelligent our bodies are as well as the true power of our minds…especially as they are deprogrammed and reprogrammed without so many limiting beliefs.

Assumption #9: The body isn’t alkaline enough so cancer is the result.

According to what I learned in naturopathic school, pH is the measurement of resistance between anions and cations (or in other words, it’s the measurement of electricity), and this is indicative of the speed of digestion and thus, the creation of energy from food. The more acidic an area is, the higher the bioelectrical current is and the more alkaline an area is, the lower the bioelectrical current is. This translates into an acidic environment having a fast/quick rate of digestion with a poorer absorption rate of nutrients, which leads to an insufficient amount of energy that is created from food, while in an alkaline environment, the digestion is more slow and lethargic, which can lead to the reabsorption of toxic waste products, adding on more congestion to the circulation and lymphatic systems as well as to the liver. In other words, either end of the spectrum can be an issue for the body so it isn’t so much about being completely “alkaline” to prevent or assist cancer, but rather, it is important to be in the range that a specific area requires.

Our bodies do have natural pH ranges that it prefers to be at within each area, fluid, and/or space. These involve both acidic and semi-alkaline ranges. If the range is off, then we can decipher that a distortion has occurred in one of the checks and balances within the body...most often, pointing to a toxin or nutritional need that has gone unchecked. So for instance, anything other than a highly acidic pH in the stomach would create digestive and thus, [further] nutritional issues. If the pH in the lower intestines was alkaline, then it would slow one's digestion, which could cause a reabsorption of toxins and other issues, like constipation...whereas, if it was too acidic in that same area, then there would be little absorption of nutrients because the food would run straight through the body. Our blood also has to maintain a tight pH range between 7.35 and 7.45 and anything below a 7 (or a neutral pH) or above a 7.7 will quickly result in death. In order to prevent this, the body has built in buffers (i.e., carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system, plasma proteins, phosphates, and electromagnetics), like using bicarbonate ions in the blood that are produced by the kidneys, and in situations where the kidneys are damaged and other nutrients or buffers are depleted or not working as they should, then our body will begin “stealing” minerals from our bones in order to neutralize any out-of-range pH issues, but this is only used as a last resort effort by our body. As such, it will utilize all other resources and pathways first before jumping straight to this as even a possible option. Like I’ve said so many times before, our body will do everything in its power to protect itself first and foremost, so getting cravings for mineral-dense foods would occur way before stealing minerals from our bones.


As far as alkalinity goes, did you know that some researchers have actually found that those who are experiencing cancer usually have a higher level of alkalinity in their blood? This is said to be from supposedly “acidic cells” spilling out all of their alkaline contents into the bloodstream, but I’d imagine that there could be other reasons for this as well. They may label it as an “acidic cell,” but it may simply be a dying cell that empties out its contents and those contents happen to be more alkaline. Another line of thought is that the blood’s electrical current slows down in response to losing its structure or any number of other unknowns or things that we aren’t even aware of yet. This is precisely why pH level cannot be used as an indicator of cancer or supposed cancer risk.


So what does this mean? This means that nothing that we eat or drink is going to substantially change the pH of our body. As a result, this shows us that cancer can take place or be present in either type of environment so it isn't so much about pH levels in our body, but rather, our toxic load as well as starving our cells of nutrition that causes dysregulation/distortion within our bodies (mainly our mitochondria) and this creates a high cellular damage rate (as "end state" or eventually dead cells), which our body will then protect us from by aggregating these damaged cells all together in an area, and this is what the medical field often refers to as a “tumor.” In other words, the pH level isn't at the root of cancer...the poisoning of our cells and thus, a non-harmonious or distorted state are.


Furthermore, as a side note here, many of the alkaline waters that you can purchase are 1) in plastic bottles, which are well-known endocrine disruptors and 2) are synthetically "alkalinized" with lye, which isn't something that you want to be ingesting, and/or baking soda. And frankly, many alkaline foods have natural carcinogens and anti-nutrients in them so overconsuming these foods might not be the most beneficial either. Over the years, people who are experiencing cancer have also been steered away from the consumption of animal products to this more alkaline, plant foods diet, but our ancestors used to thrive on a diet that included animal products and this is because it is indeed, highly nutritious, less stressful on the gastrointestinal system, and it contains nutrients in their most bioavailable form for our bodies, meaning that our bodies do not have to work harder to convert them into their most active, usable forms. I will address this assumption in greater detail below. In the meantime, since we discussed alkaline water, it has been shown that drinking natural spring water is the best for your health because it is structured (and naturally mineralized), which simply means that its water molecules are in coherence with one another and because of this, it can increase the structured, or EZ (exclusion zone), water within our body, which will assist in flushing out toxins and cellular debris, protecting our tissues and cells, and so much more simply by balancing our system as a whole.


On the flipside of this, drinking distilled water, which is slightly acidic because of its reaction with air, has become a [dangerous, long-term] health fad in more recent years. Why is it dangerous, you may ask? Well, it has no minerals in it. Minerals are the electrolytes that our body needs to stay hydrated…the water doesn’t hydrate us without minerals, so essentially, it will either be stored as excess water in our tissues (edema) or it will be flushed right out of our body because there is no coherent structure to it. In this flushing out process, it can deplete our electrolytes and cause greater stress on our kidneys, so my recommendation would be to stick to natural spring water, which is a primary source of water. Some claim to use distilled water as a means to detoxify the body, but there are better ways to go about doing so than using distilled water. If one is drinking it to “detoxify the body,” then I wouldn’t recommend it for a very long period of time because minerals are essential for our body to function appropriately, especially being that they are part of the creation of our crystalline, protective gels within our body. As a disclaimer, please refrain from fasting while drinking distilled water because it can lead to a more rapid loss of electrolytes, which can create all sorts of symptoms as the body tries to adjust to the loss of minerals. Like I stated before, natural spring water is the way to go so that hydration levels are maintained as well as appropriate levels of coherent water within our body.


I guess that the overall takeaway of this assumption is that drinking alkaline water or eating an alkaline diet will not create an alkaline body or terrain because the truth is, there are many areas in the body that are required to be acidic and the body will maintain those regulated levels the best that it can, no matter what you eat or drink so this obsession with having only an alkaline environment in the body has to change because people may actually be causing more harm to themselves than they are trying to assist with, especially when it is constantly talked about, and reinforced, over and over again by so many well-known holistic practitioners around the world. Let’s all be a little more aware of what we share with others, especially if we are coming from a place that views the body as “incapable,” “not intelligent enough,” or all other similar, harmful beliefs because these false narratives create ripples of distortions out for many people and in the most extreme cases, harm…and we have all passed on distorted information so this isn’t pointing fingers at only one group or source of people, but is a simple awareness reminder. As such, questioning the narrative is a great starting point for bringing in more awareness of this and that is why I simply question and breakdown so many assumptions in both the allopathic field of medicine as well as those in the natural health field because both of them include distortions from the truth.


Assumption #10: Juicing and veganism are great for those who are experiencing cancer.

Juicing is extracting parts of the whole of a food and consuming only those parts, which isn’t recommended when it comes to beneficial nutritional counseling. The whole food is in its complex [or complete] form with cofactors, coenzymes, and all parts of it in order to be presented to the body in a natural way so that it can be utilized most appropriately. When one juices these plant foods, they are extracting out all of the carbohydrates and sugars into the fastest, most absorbable form, which is liquid. In doing so, it concentrates oxalates within the juice as well as other anti-nutrients, which can damage tissues and lead to more detox stress on the body. These oxalates can also bind to minerals and not allow them to be absorbed, which is why animal products have been known to have more bioavailable nutrients in the first place. Any nutrients in the juice form are also more vulnerable to light and oxygen damage so it can decrease nutrient content as well as quality of nutrient content when compared to the whole, complex forms of these same foods. Antioxidants are lost in the juicing process as well because they bind to the fiber that is left behind with juicing (along with other such nutrients), and since the fiber is removed, blood sugar levels are more apt to spike even higher than when eating its whole food forms. Overall, it is something that I would not recommend for anyone, let alone someone experiencing cancer, where their mitochondrial and metabolic health need greater amounts of nutrient-dense support, which is often found in animal products, and this brings me to my next point.

Our bodies require adequate amounts of protein and fats in order to maintain our health, and the most bioavailable forms of these come from animals. In turn, a vegan, who is someone that doesn’t utilize any animal products, can be someone that has experiences with depletions of carnitine, carnosine, creatine, B vitamins (but especially vitamin B-12), bioavailable minerals (meaning, that they are unbound from anti-nutrients), vitamin D (based upon vegans tending to have lower cholesterol levels, which is a necessary component for synthesizing vitamin D from the sun), omega 3 fatty acids (in the forms of EPA and DHA) and other forms of fats, heme iron (which is the more bioavailable form of iron), taurine, possibly poor absorption of fat soluble vitamins as well because bile is made from cholesterol and that tends to be lower in vegans as well, and possibly poorer quality or lower amounts of hormones as well because usable protein and fats are usually lower in a vegan diet and those are what synthesizes hormones for us. Sure, if someone switches from the standard American diet to a vegan diet, they may feel better initially, but long-term, this can lead to nutritional gaps and other symptoms because the tissue begins starving for certain nutrients as well as accumulating other anti-nutrients, such as, oxalates, lectins, phytoestrogens, tannins, phytates, and goitrogens. Ultimately, this can lead to mitochondrial, metabolic, and digestive absorption issues and in turn, all sorts of symptoms.

So ultimately, vegans tend to eat a diet that is high in anti-nutrients, fiber, starches, carbohydrates, and natural plant carcinogens. What exactly are these anti-nutrients though? Well, they are the normal protection mechanism that plants use so that the species can continue to survive. As such, they slowly poison and kill those “pests” who eat them with these anti-nutrients. Morbid? Sure, but it is one of the only ways that they can thrive without being wiped out. We know this to be true because a good majority of plants are toxic to both humans and animals. The ones that we do eat just don’t have the same amounts of toxins in them so they may poison us more slowly over time or our body adjusts in its detox intensities so that it can handle eating certain things. However, this is why some people do so poorly when it comes to eating a plant-based diet, like veganism, while some others can’t even tolerate any plants within their diet at all without having flare-ups of symptoms. This could be for many reasons, but plants are indeed harder on the body to breakdown and utilize than animal products are and so, it requires a more robust (and energy intensive) digestive system. Furthermore, the assumption that fiber is required in our diet to encourage regular bowel movements is an absolute lie. Fiber cannot be digested by our bodies and therefore, it can bulk up in the gastrointestinal tract and create constipation issues. It is actually healthy fats that assist with encouraging bowel movements, beyond that of a healthy diet. So in other words, eating plant foods tends to create more digestive distress for many people and as such, one who is already experiencing stress within their body really wouldn’t do so well with adding more stress on top of it. This is why animal-based products, like bone broths, [organic, grass-fed/grass-finished] meats, eggs, butter, salt, and such may do better for individuals with an already stressed and toxic internal environment because that is healing and nourishing for the gastrointestinal system as well as the body.

Here is a breakdown of these anti-nutrients found in plant foods:

1. Oxalates – are shown to bind with minerals, especially calcium and can create kidney stones, joint crystals, gallstones, bone spurs, and the like. Other challenges that it can contribute to are reduced mineral absorption, chronic inflammation, microbiome damage, oxidative stress, nutrient depletions, mitochondrial damage, fatigue, and pain. 

2. Lectins – these are defined as proteins that bind to carbohydrates. They resist being broken down and they have shown to interfere with mineral and nutrient absorption while binding to the digestive tract as well as affecting the microbiome. They have also been linked to possibly leading to obesity and creating chronic inflammation.

3. Phytoestrogens – these are estrogen-like compounds derived from plants. Since they imitate estrogen, this can cause some issues in both men and women, especially in that, they disrupt normal hormonal function. Some challenges that these can create are obesity, cancer, problems with reproduction, as well as other estrogen dominant symptoms.

4. Tannins – these are a group of bitter and astringent compounds that can be found abundantly in plants. They bind to and precipitate proteins and various other organic compounds. They are found in coffees, teas, nuts, legume seeds, and cacao to name a few. The challenges that these can induce are accelerated blood clotting, reduced blood pressure, decreased serum lipid levels, liver necrosis, stomach irritation, nausea, vomiting, an increased chance of developing nose and throat cancer, a hardening of the bladder tissue and GI mucosa, constipation, abdominal pain, inhibits absorption of minerals (particularly iron, but others as well), and inhibits digestive enzymes.

5. Phytates – these are a substance found in plant seeds. They can reduce the absorption of nutrients from one’s diet and can have an enzyme blocking effect.

6. Goitrogens – these are compounds that interfere with the normal function of the thyroid gland. They can lead to hormone issues as well as goiters. They are found in cruciferous vegetables and soy.

Here are some videos describing these natural carcinogens found in plant foods:

What about diets that are based upon one’s blood type? I would heavily steer clear of these assumptions too because it limits one to being quite restrictive in a way that may not be beneficial for them. I personally am not under the impression or assumption that certain blood types cannot tolerate certain things. I know that some whole-heartedly believe in this, but I am not one of those people because I am someone who questions the whole blood type narrative in the first place. Do I have adequate proof of why this theory is not accurate or true? Not really...but I can break some of it down real quick. The differing blood types simply look at the different patterns of antigens on red blood cells in comparison to the antibodies that are in the plasma…this is what distinguishes them from one another, or so they say. Well, what are antigens? We are told that antigens are any type of toxin, chemical, microbe, or any other foreign substance, but, when it comes to blood type, these antigens can either be protein or sugar molecules. Their roles in the blood typically involve transporting molecules into and out of the cell, maintaining the structure of the cell, and assists in detecting unwanted cells. If you haven’t noticed by now, I usually write the word, “immune,” in parentheses so you may have been wondering why that is…well, I don’t believe in an “immune system” within the body because that was created alongside the rise of the germ theory, which is a disproven theory, so I feel that we simply have a waste removal or detoxification system, and that is what is known as the “immune system” (the macrophages, killer cells, etc.) in combination with our microbiome (the bacteria, fungi, yeasts, extracellular vesicles, etc.) that makes up this waste removal or detoxification system. So in that sense then, what are antibodies? Antibodies tend to be the “flaggers” for the clean-up crew, which is the waste removal system that I am referring to again. From my research, I have found that antibodies are not specific to antigens so right off the bat, this puts a damper on their theory because their whole assumption revolves around antibodies flagging certain antigens, like for instance, blood type A has A antigens on the red blood cell with anti-B antibodies in the plasma so they are claiming that these antibodies are specific to B antigens. According to the medical community, different blood types cannot be used as a donor in certain instances because these antibodies will then attack these specific antigens, but I’m not certain that this is actually the case. There may be other reasons that these certain blood types cannot receive and/or share blood with another; however, I would be speculating as to what those reasons may be so this is mere speculation here, but it may have more to do with the electromagnetic field and frequency data than the physical nature of antigens and antibodies. Just like with everything about our body, it can be affected by the environment and many other factors as well, even those that we are not aware of yet, so I do feel that blood type would be no different than when we talk about epigenetics and different experiences triggering certain changes within our expression(s) and thus, our experiences, and this includes our blood as well. So to entertain this “other side” of life in regards to energetics and electromagnetics, blood that was/is stored outside of this whole energetic/electromagnetic, living system would essentially, become distorted, would it not? It likely loses its electrical charge, nutrients, and is highly likely considered “dead” or nearing “death,” so to transfuse this type of substance into anyone’s living system might be a shock and in turn, this “dis-charged” substance creates a coagulation and aggregation effect on the blood cells because of this difference or variation in charge, not because of the antigens and necessarily antibodies. The transfused blood likely also has a poor “terrain,” if you will, meaning that the clean-up crew response may be heavy-handed because it is experiencing an emergency signal of a distortion within the organism. What is the first thing that our detoxification system would do in this instance? Well, it would likely create an inflammatory response in the blood as a way of managing a toxic terrain. A result of this would be coagulation and an aggregation of blood cells. On that same train of thought, people who donate blood are not necessarily screened for whether or not they were exposed to a ton of heavy metals or had toxic exposures before, so this too can create a hefty mobilization (and thus, a shock to the system) of the waste management crew in the body, especially, if there is a high amount of cellular debris as the red blood cells and other blood components began to break down. The other aspect of this is that the body knows that this isn’t a part of you…it is a foreign substance, yet it is being introduced directly into the bloodstream, so of course, we can understand why emergency signals are going off and as a result, the body starts going haywire (in certain instances), even if it isn’t an immediate reaction to the transfused blood. Honestly, this is a topic that I may have to dig into a little more deeply and see the exact methods and processes that they used to come to this conclusion within their blood type theory. From what I have already gathered, these blood type assumptions may be highly distorted. On top of that, Karl Landsteiner, the one who came up with this blood type theory, was part of the Rockefeller Institute, which has my BS meter screaming loudly because that is the main starting place or point of origin for many highly flawed medical assumptions and there is always big money behind it with that Institute.

Figure 1.4 Simon Flexner is the brother of Abraham Flexner, who is the author of The Flexner Report, which entirely changed the way that medicine was defined, taught, and practiced universally.

Here is a great article that talks a little about this too -

Here are some articles that back up some of these criticisms surrounding blood transfusions, which kind of coincide with my above theories more so than simply blood types: - remember that when you see the term “infections,” think poisoning and not pathogens because germs do not cause disease.

In bringing this all together, many of our early ancestors ate a more Paleo style diet while some others were more carnivorous, like the Inuit, the Sioux of South Dakota, the Masai, Saburu, and Rendille warriors of East Africa, among many other tribes. In all of human history, there has only ever been a handful or so of tribes [outside of modern society] that have chosen to eat a vegan diet (if so, it was usually done for religious and ethical reasons) so in that sense, it is something that really has no concrete, long-term, observational studies for it [across multiple generations of people, that is], and as a result of this, it is something that I cannot recommend, especially long-term. The work done by Weston A. Price supports this conclusion as well. He was a Canadian dentist, who studied multiple tribes across the world in regards to the foods that they ate in comparison to their health, and he found that those who included animal products and healthy fats into their diet had the healthiest looking teeth and oral health, which essentially, translates to one’s overall health status. As a result, these findings point to the fact that this food group (animal products) is essential for our overall health. Like I've already stated, many people often remove meat and animal products from their diet due to religious and/or ethical reasons, but every single thing that we consume, whether that is plants or animals, was alive at one point so we have to remove this stigma and programming surrounding it for the benefit of humanity. Is there room for improvement with our farming practices? Absolutely, but to use the tactic that an animal is more alive or sentient than a plant is kind of a lame argument, especially after recent research has shown that plants can see us, detect us, and they interact in their own unique way with us and their environment. Essentially, what this research has shown us is that plants are sentient beings too so ultimately, by showing them (both plants and animals) gratitude, honor, and respect for their nourishment to our bodies is actually how we return this favor to them…just like the ancient cultures have done since the beginning of time. This perception shift allows us to see things differently and thus, respond differently by choosing to nourish our bodies in whatever way we see fit or are moved to do in any given moment. This is what natures does…just step outside and watch it for some time and you will see that it isn’t just the human species that eats in order to survive. It is all a part of the life cycle and death is included in that cycle as well, no matter how hard we try to evade it or ignore it.

I also want to point out that fact that “clean” meat, which is grass-fed/grass-finished organic meat, is not linked to “cancer,” but processed meat on the other hand, is quite the mixture of toxins so I would highly advise everyone to steer clear of those types of meat, since they are most likely the reason that meat has been given such a bad name and thus, why it is being blamed as the toxic carcinogen that it has been in the last few decades. Imitation [vegan] meats are chocked full of unhealthy, toxic ingredients as well so I would steer clear of those too. Learning to read labels is something that I would highly recommend everyone start doing as well as familiarizing yourself with the different types of toxins to look out for in foods, like for instance, endocrine disruptors, food additives, food dyes, artificial flavorings, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, heavy metals, and so on. My best piece of advice is if you cannot pronounce a word on the ingredients list, then don’t buy it and if you see PEG with any numbers next to it as well as colors with a number next to it, then do not buy it either. If you see enriched with and then it lists out vitamins, then please know that those are synthetic vitamins, which your body will not utilize appropriately. Eating whole, organic foods is the simplest way to cut out many of these toxins, and also be sure that you are familiar with non-toxic cookware and clean everyday products [for which you expose yourself to] because as you clean these up, then your body will come back into balance/alignment and thus, begin to “heal.” I’d definitely recommend using an app or website, like the Environmental Working Group, in order to rate the products that you use as well as to see what products may be cleaner than others. It is a great tool to use for those just starting out on their holistic journey in order to assist with switching over to healthier and more beneficial, biocompatible products. Being aware of our inner and outer environment/terrain is truly where our healing and balancing power lies.

Links to what was discussed above:

Assumption #11: Sugar feeds cancer.

Cancer isn’t something that eats to grow. It is an accumulation of toxic wastes, cellular debris, and things that are poisoning the body so in this way, it is a neatly packaged garbage container called “end stage cells.” Since sugar can be a toxin, of course it can create damage to our tissues, where these garbage containers are then sloughed off as more end stage cells. The accumulation of these end stage cells are then referred to as a “tumor” and/or “lesion” in the body.

As you can see, this assumption is where the “battle” and “fighting” narrative comes into play. The narrative has essentially morphed into cancer being an uncontrolled entity that eats and grows according to certain metrics (this is the “monster narrative” that in turn, creates fear), usually with glucose and glutamine being the two main culprits of “feeding cancer,” but this excludes a huge elephant in the room…leaving out these other toxins and toxic carcinogens that lead to the tissue damage and thus, cellular debris and waste in the first place. Can an overconsumption of glucose and fructose lead to more end stage cells from the damaged and dying tissue in the body? Of course, especially if insulin isn’t being produced and utilized appropriately (due to distortions in the structured water, mitochondria, and pancreatic stress), but it goes beyond just blaming one or two molecules for this damage process. There are multiple layers of toxins within our food system and environment that can play a role as well. This is why it is tricky to simply point to glucose and fructose as being the only ones that create issues.

Furthermore, it is important to question how the sugar is processed, the type of sugar that it is, and whether it is in its whole, raw, complex form or not. Another important question to ask ourselves is, is it paired with other toxic ingredients? If so, then this will likely increase the damaging effects in the body. Can sugar create issues in the body? Absolutely, but we cannot simply exclude these other things as well just because glucose and fructose have been named as the “bad guys.” Glucose is a molecule that is naturally produced in the body as well (within the liver) so even if we steer clear of it within our diet, our liver will continue to synthesize it (via gluconeogenesis and glycogen breakdown) in order to create energy in the body, along with the use of ketones, of course. New findings have also shown that fructose may be made in the body as well, so it isn’t so much about never eating or being exposed to glucose and/or fructose, but rather, it is about maintaining stable blood sugar levels and thus, great metabolic health. If that means cutting out absolutely all sugars for you (which would pretty much mean that you would be carnivore then at that point because all carbohydrates break down into glucose, fructose, and galactose (i.e., sugars) as well), then by all means do, but it is important to not become so rigid and hard on yourself that you begin to beat yourself up in frustration regarding this because this in turn, can resort to self-sabotaging behaviors and/or measures, which essentially points us to the fact that both our mental and emotional health are just as influential to us as that which we consume physically on any given day. There’s a fine line between lovingly supporting your body and then placing yourself in such a restricted box that it feels absolutely terrible. The latter isn’t a great source of support…other than the fact that you will hit a fed up point (rock bottom, sometimes) and make shifts that are necessary so in that sense, it aligns you with your path one way or another, but as always, balance is the key and listening intuitively to your body at all times is often a great way to find what works best for you.  


In conclusion, there are many assumptions regarding cancer, even beyond the one’s that I have discussed here, so much so that I would have to write an entire book in order to cover them all. As for now, I feel that this article gives a great overview of the most highly assumed narratives that are so often implied as truth when it comes to the topic of “cancer.” My goal with sharing this information is always to open up the minds of those who are willing to see from a new or different perspective as well as to assist in motivating those who are ready to empower themselves on their journey, whether one is currently experiencing cancer or not, since this information applies to all aspects of life and/or experiences here so this in turn, is something that may be beneficial for all who intend to utilize it.

As a reflective reminder, our bodies are an innately intelligent, organized system, exactly as nature intended, so why do we continually feel the need to deny ourselves this beautiful experience? The answer to this lies in our programming…in other words, those limited assumptions and beliefs that we let override the truth of what is actually transpiring FOR US. We simply have to trust in our process and support the body when and where necessary. It isn’t as complex as we like to make it out to be either, that’s for sure, but humans love to add complexity to just about everything that we can wrap our minds around, which in turn, has the potential to create some distortions for us to further work through. It’s all a part of the process as we unravel the conditioning that we have been led to believe is true…and it takes time to do so, so don’t beat yourself up either for not questioning anything or even believing in some of these narratives because we all thought at one time or another that people in these positions had our best interest at heart (and some of them think that they do, but they have been duped too), both in the medical field as well as in the natural health field. However, in realizing that this might not always be the case is the start of an awareness and self-empowerment journey that is so completely worth it and beyond compare to anything else that can ever be learned through traditional teaching methods. It is essentially a journey into the discovery and understanding of who we really are and how we actually "work," or function, as the wholeness that we each are.

So on that note, if you are partnering with a practitioner that is basing his or her practice methods on fear and limiting beliefs, manipulation tactics, and/or false assumptions, then you may want to question why they feel this way. Either that, or you can find a practitioner that sees beyond these assumptions and in turn, one that is willing to empower you so that you can trust yourself again. That is the major program or assumption that has infiltrated our modern world and in turn, has allowed us to see ourselves as “not the expert on ourselves” or as “not whole or somehow incomplete,” “incapable,” “broken,” and “not enough.” Those are all lies, or manipulative programs, in order to get your money as well as for you to acquiesce to these narratives. It makes things easier for those in these so-called “authoritative/influential positions.” Don’t be easy or quick to conform…question things and then do what you feel is best for you! If your practitioner doesn’t support that, then it’s time for someone new who will because you deserve that…we all do.  

If you ever need assistance on your journey, then please feel free to reach out!

Dr. Andrea Bird, BCND, CHHP, & Owner of Beyond Wellness, LLC 


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