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New Product Alert!

New Product Alert -

Introducing these new, amazing, high quality "Comfort Pillows" for warm or cold compress use. They are made with flaxseed in order to hold a warm or cool temperature, and can be warmed using a microwave or other warming device. We also have soothing essences for sale that can be sprayed on these pillows (or in the room, on yourself, etc.) for an even greater soothing experience. There are two shapes that we currently have in stock - the heart and the rectangle with other shapes coming in the future for the neck and the eyes.

These pillows can be used for pain, tense and sore muscles, inflammation and swelling, cramping, increasing blood flow, and relaxation and de-stressing.

If you purchase one comfort pillow, you also get one free cover of your choosing with the purchase. You can buy additional covers for it as well...please see the price for this below.

The rectangle pillows are $30 and the heart-shaped ones are $35. Any extra pillow covers are $8.95 and the soothing sprays are $8.95 as well. We have samples of the soothing sprays on-hand so that you can see which one(s) you like the most.

We are working with the lovely owner of Essence Salon in finding these comfort pillows a beautiful new home, where everyone benefits greatly from these all around self-care products.

Be sure to stop in soon and check these wonderful products out!

- The Beyond Wellness Team

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