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The Subtle Balance of Water Intake

December 15th, 2020

The Subtle Balance of Water Intake

We are all constantly bombarded with messages to drink "enough" (well, it is really tied to an inherent notion of "more") water, but in doing so, what if we are actually going against our body's natural request(s), and we are instead, just trying to abide by a mathematical equation that is not necessarily beneficial to our body. Why do we tend to be so hyper-focused on reaching a certain number of ounces or glasses consumed per day, instead of listening to the requests and/or requirements of our bodies in each moment? Are you aware that drinking too much water can lead to an imbalance in electrolytes within the body, which is a part of our natural, built-in mechanism for maintaining homeostasis, or balance within? Did you know that drinking water with Himalayan salt added in is greatly beneficial to the body in order to assist in maintaining electrolyte balance? Why do we not just drink water when our body gives us the thirst signal because we are given these direct signals for a reason?

The answer lies inherently in our ability to trust others, especially so-called "experts," over ourselves and our body's natural ability to self-maintain and heal. We always feel like we have to be doing more or going above and beyond because we have this programming within us that more is always better...when most of the time, that is actually not the case. Life is constantly about balance...a delicate balance can make all of the difference in this world! So for instance, if one is extremely thirsty, then this can be a signal from one's body that their electrolytes are out-of-balance, and thus, salt or another form of electrolyte stabilizer is being requested, especially when one works out and perspires or eats an abundance of sugary foods. That is why I am an avid supporter and advocate of listening to our body's natural requests and following those pieces of advice because they come directly from within us...where it knows exactly the balance that is required in order to maintain our functionality and essentially, life!

In a metaphysical sense, water also has the capability of holding certain imprints within it from the environmental energies around it...essentially, it has a cellular memory, if you will, and thus, it takes on a geometric shape according to this imprinted memory, which then has the ability to influence a number of things (Masaru Emoto has research on this if you are interested). So in other words, if we are drinking water out of desperation and chugging it down in disgust, what type of energy are we imprinting into the water and thus, our bodies? Why not just enjoy it when our thirst mechanism arises, where it then sparks a feel-good sensation when consuming it, rather than feeling like it's a dreaded chore, which is likely tied to a whole slew of other programs and/or narratives that we tell ourselves that aren't true. So in essence, the best piece of advice that I can offer to anyone is to stop beating yourself up with "standards," "measurements," and "have-to's," especially before consulting with yourself and your body, and to start trusting yourself and your body more in choosing what is best for you...whatever that may be!

Have a wonderful evening everyone!

**And the answer to the question in the picture that I attached below is - YOU DECIDE...whatever feels most appropriate for you...PERIOD!!**

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