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The Synergy of Bodywork, Vibrational Medicine, Holistic Health Practices & Chiropractic Care

October 12th, 2020

The Benefits of Bodywork, Vibrational Medicine, and Holistic Health Practices in Combination with Chiropractic Care -

Don't get me body lets me know when it requires a chiropractic adjustment. However, under my own observations with being a client of various chiropractors over the years, there is one thing that I have learned...chiropractic care and other forms of bodywork, especially myofascial release, vibrational medicine, and other holistic health practices, go hand-in-hand! Whenever we focus on only one system of the body, it isn't going to be an all-in-one solution to what we may be experiencing.

We have to first look at what is creating the issue of subluxation in the first place. Is it being caused by the bunching of fascia, which can create up to 2,000-pounds of pressure on the joints and bones in the body, thus, pulling the bones and joints out of alignment? What may be causing the bunching of this fascia to cause the subluxation issue? Is it stress or the body being in 'fight or flight' mode for a majority of its day or waking hours? Is it that the body wants to move or is requesting that the person move it in a certain manner, but the request isn't being heard? Is it that emotions are surfacing to be felt and creating shifts within the body that are uncomfortable? Is it a symbol for the weight of the "problems" or responsibilities that one is carrying? Is it due to nutritional needs within the body? Is it due to inflammation within the body? Is it due to poor posture because one doesn't feel good about themselves? And so on and so many questions that are worth investigating, answering, and taking it all into account for the individual's benefit. A quick adjustment or multiple adjustments aren't a fix or a solution at all if the root issue(s) aren't being addressed beyond the physical impediment of the nervous system (i.e., mainly the pinching of nerves with subluxations and such).

Again, don't get me wrong...being adjusted is beneficial in many cases, but if the pain just continues to return, then there is a missing link somewhere that isn't being fully addressed (I'm speaking from my own experience here), and this is why I feel that chiropractic care is one piece of the puzzle with other forms of bodywork, as well as vibrational medicine and holistic practices, being other arms or extensions of that same whole-istic puzzle. This isn't to say that any one practice is better than the other, but when used in conjunction with one another, it can work synergistically and whole-istically, which greatly benefits the totality of the person being seen and assisted.

If you are currently under chiropractic care and aren't noticing a huge improvement in your body system and/or pain level, then please feel free to give us a call and set up a bodywork, vibrational medicine, or any other session of your choosing that you feel called to do with us! We are here to assist with all of your health and wellness needs!! (231) 220-8897 or

Thanks and have a wonderful Monday, everyone!

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