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Wait...You Mean I Have To Feel These Feelings In Order To Feel Better Physically & Heal?

November 10th, 2020

Why are there emotional releases during or after an energy session with me?

When working with one's energy field, we are assisting to harmonize and rebalance everything within one's being...and this includes emotions as well.

Emotions are merely energy, or an electrical charge of energy (E-motions = electrically-charged motions of energy). When the energy balances or harmonizes within the biofield via vibrational/energy medicine techniques, it is going to push out or discharge the "charged" energy in the "system," which is simply our stored emotions and traumas within our body. So as this occurs, it releases this physically as well (via crying, feeling through some pretty heavy emotions, and often some other physical release "signs" as well), which is why so many find themselves emotional either during a session, or shortly thereafter. This is all normal in the energy medicine field! I have even found myself being moved emotionally as energy shifts profoundly within a client. It isn't something to be ashamed of and is actually something that I highly encourage if one feels moved to express because pushing those feelings back down will only charge the energy again within those areas of the body, and if the charge is held long enough in those areas, it can unfold as dis-ease within the area due to prolonged energetic or life force distortion.

Releasing this emotional energy will also allow the body and energy to feel much much so that one's experience is often perceived as lighter, which equates to one "feeling better" and more in alignment, centered, and harmonious in life. In essence, let the tears flow...let the anger and frustration boil out...let it all come up and be felt, and then see how it all unfolds for you after the release

P.S. The photo shows quite an accurate depiction of what I visually see leaving one's body as it's pretty neat to witness!

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