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Herbal Medicine

Naturopathic Services

Let's bring balance back to the body, together. 

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1:1 Naturopathic Medicine Consultation

This process involves looking into current health habits and assessing where changes can be made so that balance within the body can naturally be restored with some basic health foundation tweaks. Dr. Andrea Bird (our CHHP & BCND) will go over one's health history and look for patterns of imbalance in order to find systems that require the most support. She will then make recommendations based upon the results of various testing methods that she uses within the consultation process itself. The initial consultation is a 2-hour long process and the follow-ups are usually 1 hour in length. 


Muscle Response Testing

Muscle Response Testing, or MRT, is a manual, non-invasive way to gather information about one's body. It works much in the same way as any type of reflex testing and with any sort of reflex testing, it has nothing to do with muscle strength and everything to do with the automatic, or involuntary, response to the actual stimuli. In this manner, it is used as a primary feedback mechanism, where we can evaluate many aspects of the client based upon the input or stimuli that is being assessed. Dr. Bird uses MRT with her clients in order to find root causes as well as what aligns best with their bodies.


Other Types of Naturopathic Testing

The specific methods that Andrea currently uses are:

*pH Testing

*Muscle Response Testing for Sensitivities & Root Causes

*Emotion Code & Body Code Testing

*Iridology/Iris Analyses

*Facial & Body Analyses

*Energy System Analyses

*Live & Dried Blood Cell Analyses

*Thermal Imaging Scans

*Electrodermal Stressor Scans/Zyto Scans

*Biofeedback Scans

*Medical Intuitive Analyses

*Energy Medicine Practices

*Homeopathy Assessments

*Bach Flower Remedy Assessments

*And More!

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