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Biofeedback Services

Distortions in our frequencies or wavelength patterns, which are at the basis of our human blueprint or how we experience the world, have the ability to create dis-ease because it creates disharmony...biofeedback assists in bringing back this harmony.

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Rife Therapy & Biofeedback Sessions

Rife therapy involves using a rife machine, or frequency generator, which is a device that generates and delivers frequencies into the body, in order to bring about harmonic balance or homeostasis. Everything within the body, or that the body is experiencing, has a particular frequency associated with it, and it's the job of a rife machine to input or feedback that particular frequency to the body system, which assists in bringing the body as a whole back into balance.

So what is biofeedback then?

Biofeedback is actually the process of finding these particular frequencies that are present within the body that require balancing with the use of the rife machine, or via other holistic measures or approaches. 

At Beyond Wellness, we often do a biofeedback session to begin with and then the rife session immediately following the biofeedback scan because then the approach is specifically tailored to all of the frequencies that appear to require balancing. We can also target specific issues that a client may be experiencing. In other words, everything that we do is tailored specifically to the needs of one's body system.

Targeted Rife Therapy Programs

This is where we build specific programs to fit your current experience(s) or symptomology. So for instance, some may want to target parasites or yeast and then do some detox and healing programs afterwards. It can be as individualized as you want it to be. A client also has the choice of whether this will be done via contact or remote mode. If done remotely, we do need a sample of the client's DNA, which for that, we simply use a finger nail clipping. This ensures that the generated frequencies are being connected in the quantum field to the client's specific DNA so that the session works appropriately as it should.

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Rife Therapy Imprinted Frequency Essences

This is a service that involves using our frequency generator to imprint specific frequencies into a liquid medium, or essence. The frequency structures the liquid in a manner according to that specific frequency pattern. When the client ingests this specific frequency pattern, it adjusts and harmonizes one's internal frequency pattern. This is why these are extremely effective in bringing balance back to one's body.

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