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Intuitive & Beyond Services

Assisting beyond the physical realm, along with some other great program opportunities.


Intuitive Guidance

These sessions involve relaying information to clients that are finding difficulty on their path and would like some guidance. 

Space Clearings

Do you have a space that feels energetically off, heavy, or just not right? Are the energies in your space creating tension, stress, and/or fear for those living or working in the space? Is there a space or property that you want cleared before you move into it? If this is something that you are experiencing and want done for peace of mind (and you would like assistance with it), then please feel free to reach out to us. These property walk-throughs and space clearings involve us walking through the property, where we will let the property owners know of the energies, activity, and the intuitive hits that we get, and from there, we will assist them via clearing and harmonizing the space energetically, if the property owners agree to that, as well as assisting the family or staff by passing along some techniques to them that can assist in maintaining a harmonized space. If you are interested and feel aligned, then please feel free reach out.


Remote Sessions

Energetic Remote Sessions

These are neurocalm, or energy balancing, sessions that are done remotely, or from a physical distance, which means that you do not have to come into our office in order to receive the energy since it is not bound by time or space. The session will be set up at a certain time and then will either be recorded as they are done, or if one prefers, we can provide a short write up via e-mail of what was found or balanced during the session. If one doesn't feel comfortable doing it that way, then we can do it via video call as well so that will be left up to the individual on what feels most appropriate for them.

Other Remote Sessions Include:

*Intuitive Guidance

*Remote Muscle Response Testing

*Remote Rife Therapy (With Fingernail For DNA Specification)

*Remote Medical Intuitive Body Analysis

*Animal Energy Sessions

Group Gatherings & Classes

These group gatherings or classes can encompass many things, including [but not limited to] sound baths, meditations, energy clearings, intuitive galleries, group support for like-minded individuals, yoga, qi-gong, teaching classes (on health, alternative therapies, and all similar topics), and more as things unfold. 


Whole-istic Intensive Sessions

Some clients come to us in a completely depleted, exhausted, and “critical” state, where an hour or even an hour and a half doesn’t really meet the needs or requirements of the client in that moment. That is why we have decided to add this service for those "critical" cases, where more time is required of us to breakthrough certain things a bit faster. These sessions will often incorporate many of the services that we have to offer and it is individualized for each client, depending upon their whole-istic needs in that moment.

These sessions can be scheduled for 2, 3, and 4+ hours at a time, depending upon the needs of the client. As such, pricing can vary depending upon the length of time that is set aside for each intensive appointment.

Other Services That Are Currently In The Works:

*Therapeutic Conversations/Spiritual & Transpersonal Counseling

*Feldenkrais - Movement Therapy


*Neuromuscular Repatterning Therapy

*FAR Infrared Sauna Therapy

*Near Infrared Neuro Light Therapy

*PEMF & Magnet Therapy

*And More!

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