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Miscellaneous Services

Some other powerful programs and modalities that you may find beneficial.

Alternative Childhood Program Testimonial.png

Alternative & Whole-istic Early Childhood & Beyond Assistive Program

This program will encompass a whole-istic therapeutic approach for those diagnosed or suspected to have a developmental disorder, ASD, ADD, ADHD, OCD, SPD, learning disabilities, speech delays, auditory processing disorder, genetic diagnoses, scoliosis, cancer, mental health diagnoses, and all other diagnoses that affect one’s day-to-day living. Included in the provided services are advocacy work, resource sharing, as well as some early intervention strategies, depending upon one's needs. We will specialize or tailor other services that we provide into one overall program for the client in order to meet their needs most appropriately. For instance, some clients may require neurocalm sessions, movement therapy, and body trauma release sessions, while others may require neurocalm sessions, nutritional consultations, and Bach flower other words, everyone is different so we will use applied kinesiology testing during the initial consultation process in order to see what specifically is aligned for each client. We will then do intermittent assessments in order to see if any tweaks are required to the specialized program as things shift, or even appear to stall.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

The vibration plate is a full body workout and cell energizer/re-organizer machine. It assists in relieving stiff and sore muscles, aches and pains, as well as stress from within the body. Sessions do not have to be long either and it gives you the same amount of muscle work as a workout at the gym.

Here are some other benefits as well:

Increases muscle strength, bone mass, flexibility, and mobility; stimulates the lymphatic system; decreases cortisol levels, pain, tension, and blood pressure; brings about better balance and coordination; increases immunity, detoxification, weight loss (10 minutes of use is equal to a 60 minute workout at the gym), and growth hormone production; decreases stress; increases skin improvements, joint pain relief, and the release of somatic memories, stress, trauma, and emotions; harmonizes and balances the body; stimulates the nervous system, and increases the release of feel good endorphins.


Along with the massaging effect of this bed, the rolling jade stone projector also vibrates and heats up using far infrared rays. The mat on the lower portion of the bed also heats up the jade and tourmaline stones with far infrared rays as well as using red and photonic light therapy (this light is the one that can be seen through the thin sheet on the lower portion). It melts away tension and leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Nuga Best Massage Bed

The Nuga Best massage bed is a combination of many alternative methods of treatment all rolled into one. Some of these include: acupressure, meridian therapy, moxibustion, massage therapy, chiropractic care, FAR infrared rays, gemstone therapy, ionic therapy, and more.  

Here are some benefits of the Nuga Best massage bed:

*Massages and presses on acupoints so that it assists in bringing energy and meridian pathways back into balance.


*The FAR infrared rays allows for improvement in one's circulation and energy as well as in assisting with detoxification.

*The vibration and rolling motion of the jade rollers eases pain and tension in the body.

*The jade rollers applies a massaging action on the spinal joint surfaces, which is often the area where experiences of nerve compression occurs. The rolling up and down motion can even put some subluxations back into place in my own experience.

*Assists with inflammation, sleep disturbances, mood issues, arthritis pain, blood sugar imbalance, circulation and blood pressure irregularities, and migraines.

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