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Synergistic Duo Session Testimonial

"Enjoyed our treatments! Feeling great!! Thank you so much, Andrea and Marian!! ❤️" - M.S.


Body Speak Session Testimonial

"I enjoyed the treatment today. I feel good this evening. Relaxed, no pain. So I’m extremely happy. Thank you Andrea." - J.S.


NeuroCalm Energy Testimonial

"After my first treatment, I went home, so relaxed..... it was amazing and I can’t wait to go back." - C.G.


Medical Intuitive Body Analysis Testimonial

"Andrea is always helpful and knowledgeable! Love how warm, welcoming and relaxing the office is! I cannot wait to try red light therapy the next time I am in town! A great place to naturally heal 💖" - K.D.


Multi-Service Testimonial

"It is so nice to have this type of business in our small community! I have tried the red light therapy and several other 30 min sessions, from Reiki to Neurocalm energy. I enjoy my time spent at Beyond Wellness and find it very relaxing. Andrea is very knowledgable and good at what she does.

If you are looking for something new, give it a try!" - C.S.G


Multi-Service Testimonial

"The work you’ve done the last couple of months for my son and I have been healing for both of us! The comfort and sooth Bach flower essence is helping tremendously to calm and the 528 hertz blend to help cope and focus! Jax has had his best week ever being able to focus. You are doing amazing work! The cranial sacral you did on me last week truly helped the whooshing in my ear. Looking forward to getting more of those treatments! The red light therapy is so healing, especially after a treatment. So Excited about what your doing Andrea! Energy healing is where it’s at. ❤️" - M.S.


Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

"I tried the craniosacral therapy having no idea what it really was but a migraine and lower back/hip pain brought me there... amazing!  I still felt a little off when I left...but I went home and slept and wow... today is so much better.  I'm now booked for my next adventure... myofascial release therapy."

- T.P.S.


Multi-Service Testimonial

"Loved the atmosphere here and how relaxing/calming it is. They do an amazing job, I will definitely be back!!!" - L.D.


NeuroCalm Energy Testimonial

"I had a neurocalm energy session, it was amazing. I have chronic knee pain and during my treatment Andrea picked up on my pain in my right knee and hip area and by the end of the session my knee pain started to go away!! Andrea's energy is so relaxing and I'll definitely be a returning customer!! I would recommend her services! Give her a shot and try something new." -H.W.


Multi-Service Testimonial

"My children, husband and I have all had services here with both Andrea & Marian for acupressure and energy healing. It has been a great experience and offered us all relief in many different ways. We travel an hour out of town to see them and will continue to!


Definitely recommend to all our family/friends and anyone else thinking about trying it out! Very knowledgeable and they do a great job to make sure you feel comfortable." - B.V.


Synergistic Duo Session Testimonial

"I just have to tell you that on Friday night and Saturday morning, I got so sick and hurt so bad...I don't know what you released, but it took me until about two or so Saturday afternoon when I released the most horrible smelling everything you could imagine in every way, and as the day went on, I felt better and better. Today has been wonderful! I just wanted to thank you and your daughter so much! I haven't felt so loved and so much concern and compassion and I feel so much better. Thank you, thank you and I love you so, so much!" - C.Z.


Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

"Our 14 year old daughter is very active in sports and Andrea did amazing working her skills! Em’s back has been bothering her for a month. She could feel the tension leave immediately. It’s absolutely amazing!" - C.B.C


Craniosacral Therapy Testimonial

"I've been treated for my injuries in many fine establishments. I had my first treatment here today, and they do fabulous work. I feel amazing. I'm looking very forward to my next appointment. Injured, or not, I highly recommend you to go there. You will walk out a changed person for the better." D.T.


Myofascial Release Therapy Testimonial

"I was having some arm pain and I called and got in within an hour and a half.  This was my first time there and will surely go back.  Highly recommend."

- E.P.V.


NeuroCalm Energy Testimonial

"The ladies here are amazing! I went for my first session yesterday with Andrea. I felt so much better afterwards! Thank you so much for everything! Can’t wait for my next session!" - T.C.


NeuroCalm Energy Testimonial

"It was such a great, relaxing experience. I cannot wait to go again. The human body and mind are so powerful. ❤️" - C.L.


Myofascial Release Therapy Testimonial

"I’m used to deep tissue massages so I wasn’t sure what to expect from the myofascial release session. Andrea was very gentle and confident in her methods but told me that I’d probably be sore the next day. I doubted it because of how gentle and relaxing the session was. She was right! I definitely felt how she worked my body and felt less tension in my neck, shoulders, and back. I’m going back this week for another session. I’m so excited to have this business in our area!" - S.R.L.


NeuroCalm Energy Testimonial

"Been in to see Andrea 3 times now! Love the energy! Amazing!"

- L.W.


Alternative Early Childhood & Beyond Program Testimonial

"Our child was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He has previously been in speech and ABA therapy, which both did wonderful things for our child. We then decided to go to Beyond Wellness, LLC and after several treatment with various modalities, we have noticed a considerable improvement in our child's speech and even more improvement in his awareness and life around him. It's been a tough road, but these last few appointments with Andrea have made understanding our child's needs easier." - D.E.


Red Light Therapy Testimonial

"After one month of red light therapy, I feel that I can walk a whole lot better and am using a cane, instead of a walker." - R.S.


Myofascial Release Therapy Testimonial

"I received my first myofascial release today and I cannot wait to go back for more. It was so refreshing to find holistic help right here in town. I had been searching for this type of treatment for some time now and I thought I'd have to travel to Grand Rapids or Muskegon. Not having Facebook, I didn't realize what Beyond Wellness was. I'm grateful I took the leap and reached out. I'll definitely be going back for craniosacral therapy next to treat residual concussion symptoms."

- M.P.


Animal Energy Therapy Testimonial

"So I have to tell you this energy stuff is amazing. I knew it worked but watching the dogs, wow. Coco is overall in a really good mood. She holds her tail up now all the time like she used to when she was young. She stands tall and proud. She plays with mom, smiles, she isn't always sleeping now. The big thing was Thursday, mom left the car and I stayed in the car with Coco and the other dogs. In the past Coco would panic while Mom was gone, moaning, barking, crying, etc. Mom got out of the car 2 times. Both times Coco watched for Mom but she didn't panic. Big change. If she was grieving for Dad maybe she was afraid she would lose Mom too.  Freeway I noticed an overall attitude change right after your treatment. He was happier but still grouchy to Zoey. Thursday I had his vet check his back and he was out in his neck, and two places in his lower back. Maybe his shoulder too. Most of the same places as the distortions that you felt. Once he had that adjustment he was like a whole new dog. He was out a lot so I'm sure he hurt. Now he is pretty goofy and isn't so aggressive to Zoey. He still gets after Zoey but I'm sure with her clumsiness he has been hurt. His vet did his exam. She said she didn't see anything in his urine sample that would indicate infection. From outward exam and appearance he looked healthy and his bloodwork all came back good. Thanks again." - Mom to Coco and Freeway


Synergistic Duo Session Testimonial

"Thank you so much to you and Marian. [Name withdrawn for anonymity preference] ate lunch and enjoyed it for the first time in months. And her chest quit hurting. She doesn't know what you did, but thinks that she needs to keep doing this."


Acupressure Testimonial

"Great experience! Thank you!"

- R.B.


Multi-Service Testimonial

"Can't say it enough, if you need some self care then definitely go to Beyond Wellness. They have so many ways to relax and care for your body naturally...between the foot detox and myofascial release therapy, you can't go wrong. After every session I have experienced, I have truly felt relaxed. I am excited to try all they have to offer." - G.K.


NeuroCalm Energy With Spinal Energy Flush Testimonial

"Thank you for the pain relief today! My head has been pounding all day. Nothing I tried was even touching it. One hour at Beyond Wellness and the pain has subsided. I am relaxed and feel so much better. Thanks again!!"

- C.G.

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