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What to Expect

  • A loving atmosphere

  • A non-judgmental atmosphere

  • A relaxing atmosphere

  • An assistive atmosphere

Depending upon the service that one is being seen for, there are varying ways that an appointment can go. I always enjoy the appointments unfolding naturally as they will. 

However, here are some basic structures that will most likely be involved in the process of the services that we provide.

1. Fill out the required paperwork and either email it to us or drop it off to us at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment time, which gives the practitioner time to look everything over and be ready for your scheduled appointment.

2. If you cannot keep your scheduled appointment, please give us at least 12-24 hours notice, unless it is an emergency.

3. Please wear comfortable clothing to your appointment. Please limit [and avoid, if not non-toxic] the use of perfumes, hairsprays/gels/mousses, make-ups, and lotions or oils, especially if partaking in bodywork or red light therapy sessions as these can create issues for both the therapist and client.


4. Please arrive before your scheduled appointment time in order to sign in at the front desk and get anything taken care of before the appointment.

5. Make yourself comfortable in our waiting room chairs, if your practitioner isn't ready for you.

6. Your practitioner will call you back to the office and give you any further directions from there.


7. Enjoy your appointment! 

As far as the monthly red light therapy membership goes, please be advised that there are both scheduled appointments for this and walk-ins as well. If there is a scheduled appointment and you walk-in, then please sign in for the next available slot. They will be reserved in 30 minute increments, as a session is 20 minutes long maximum and it gives time for the massage table and area to be sanitized. The sanitizing of the table itself will be up to the client after each use. Please place the 'this bed has been sanitized' sign on the bed after you have washed it down with the provided sanitizer. A staff member, when available, will be sanitizing the area as well. Please also be aware that lower undergarments are required during red light sessions for sanitary purposes at this time.

Please also be aware that some bodywork services require the client to undress to their lower undergarments as well, but we will provide a sheet to cover up the areas of the body that we aren't working on so that everyone feels comfortable. These services include myofascial release therapy, therapeutic aromatherapy, muscle ease sessions, most of the bodywork level sessions, and possibly the neuromuscular repatterning sessions.

We are determined to provide an atmosphere to our clients that is relaxing, calming, and beneficial to the well-being of all. If you have specific questions concerning a certain service or what to expect, then please feel free to contact us.   

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