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Zyto Electrodermal Scan

Our body gives us clues...are we listening?

What is a Zyto Scan?

A Zyto scan uses a hand cradle and a specific software program to perform a bio-investigation of the human body in a process that is known as bio-communication. This is done via measuring the galvanic skin response as impulses are received through the hand cradle, which is dictated and programmed by the Zyto software. As a result, these responses can give us clues as to what may assist in bringing the body back into balance. Every scan includes a report that will give the client a better idea on the systems in their body, which services may be of highest benefit to them, which supplements are in coherence with their body, as well as what foods may create an incoherence in their body, among other aspects as well.

Please be advised that these scans are NOT being used to diagnose, treat, or cure dis-ease. They are simply to be used as an educational tool in order to see possible stressors on the body so that one can be coached by a holistic health professional on what lifestyle modifications can be implemented so that a general level of wellness can be created and thus, balance can be restored within the body.

Below, you will find the categories that this software scans for:

* Stressor Virtual Items - 4 Core Systems - Detoxification, Gastrointestinal System, Hormonal/Endocrine System, and Immune System

* Stressor Virtual Items - Lifestyle Areas - Diet and Nutrition, Hydration, Inflammation, Mental/Emotional Stress, Sleep, and Toxic Stress

* Detoxification Stressors

* Detoxification Balancers

* Gastrointestinal System Stressors

* Gastrointestinal System Balancers

* Hormonal/Endocrine Stressors

* Hormonal/Endocrine Balancers

* Immune System Stressors

* Immune System Balancers

* Diet and Nutrition Stressors

* Diet and Nutrition Balancers

* Hydration Stressors

* Hydration Balancers

* Inflammation Stressors

* Inflammation Balancers

* Mental and Emotional Stressors

* Emotion Stressors

* Mental and Emotional Balancers

* Sleep Stressors

* Sleep Balancers

* Toxic Stress Stressors

* Toxic Stress Balancers

* Service Balancers

* Product Balancers

* Organ Biomarkers

* Vertebrae Biomarkers

* Teeth Biomarkers

* TCM Meridian Biomarkers

* Vectored Biomarkers

* Foods for Wellness

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