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"Beyond the concept of wellness lies our innate wholeness and perfection that already exists and is. In other words, there are no requirements to it and there is no separation from it. You, as this essence, are beyond the concept of wellness...hence, the name of our center - Beyond Wellness. We welcome you to this journey that is already you in wholeness and perfection! We are here to simply assist with tools that are merely reflective of this."

 - Andrea Bird, Founder of Beyond Wellness, LLC

Relaxing Massage


Naturopathic medicine, or naturopathy, is a holistic system or approach that uses natural remedies, health foundations, and other alternative therapies or modalities, such as herbs, traditional Chinese medicine, flower remedies, homeopathic remedies, bodywork, esoteric practices, energy and/or vibrational medicine, and all other types of natural modalities with the goal of bringing balance back to the body system so that it can ultimately, heal itself. In order to do this, a holistic approach is necessary since it addresses root issues of dis-ease, instead of suppressing symptoms and hoping for one's health to be restored. Practitioners of naturopathy are trained to look at the person as a whole, which involves every aspect of their being, including, but not limited to the mind, body, and spirit, or energy.


A holistic health practitioner, naturopath, naturopathic practitioner, naturopathic doctor, and naturopathic physician are all considered qualified in the field of naturopathic medicine or naturopathy. They have been trained on all of the aspects of naturopathic medicine and have done case studies in order to provide safe recommendations and are in turn, well-versed in the observation and interpretation of one's basic health foundations so that they are able to counsel a client on what may assist the body with bringing these foundations back into balance.


A practitioner of naturopathy will typically spend a lot more time with their clients in comparison to traditional medicine practitioners and even a lot of the other alternative practitioners, like chiropractors, acupuncturists, and the like. They do so in order to go over one's health history, stress levels, and other lifestyle habits or factors fully because those are often what leads to imbalances within the body so it is important to spend time gathering these details. Practitioners may also run their own type of testing, like pH testing, muscle response testing, live and dried blood cell analyses, and electrodermal stressor scans and/or other biofeedback methods. When all of this information is gathered, a practitioner can triangulate their findings and come up with some basic health foundation recommendations. However, none of what they say or do, unless they are a naturopathic physician, is to be taken as medical advice, a diagnosis or prognosis, and/or a claim that their recommendations will treat or cure anything. It is simply all for education and holistic health foundation purposes. Naturopathic medicine tends to focus on education and prevention of dis-ease anyway so in turn, some of the main recommendations will always revolve around diet, exercise/movement, stress management and/or reduction, and other lifestyle modification factors. 

Bodywork services are a category of hands-on work that can assist with stress relief within the nervous system and muscles as well as initiating a release of tension, pain, and fascial restrictions for a better experience of living. It can also assist in releasing somatic memories, where the body can then create new response pathways so that it doesn't have to react in the same manner when confronted with similar [trauma] stimuli, which is often referred to as a trigger. It is highly recommend for those with acute issues as well as those with chronic pain.

Energy medicine services are a category of both hands-on and hands-off work that can assist with relaxation, stress relief, pain, and imbalances, or non-harmonious frequencies, within a client's body and field. These distortions can be due to many factors, but emotions, traumas, belief systems, and toxins are some of the main culprits. These services are highly recommended for those who find themselves overwhelmed with life, who are going through major transitions in life, and those who find that no other service or modalities are assisting them with coming back into balance.

Light therapy services are a category of service that uses light, and in our office in particular, red and near infrared light in a therapeutic manner. These types of light have many major health benefits (and lot of research to back them up under photobiomodulation) as they are the same wavelengths that come from our sun, except for the fact that when used in our office, one is much closer to the source of light for full benefit. We currently have a few sources of these light therapy tools, which includes one full-body light panel with both red and near infrared light and two different light therapy wands as well. We have a couple of other light systems in the works right now as well and we are excited to be offering them as soon as they come into fruition. 

Pollution, contamination, and toxins within our environment are at an all time high. What was originally predicted or thought to be safe has now been shown to be detrimental to our health, yet our governmental agencies tend to side with the corporations when these products have been found to be unsafe for humans and wild life, most likely due to monetary kickbacks from these same companies. Hence, why our food, water, and air have all been highly contaminated from chemtrails, Round-Up (which contains glyphosate), and other pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. Plastics have infiltrated our bodies from every angle as well and they are known for their endocrine disruptive abilities so essentially, our ability to detoxify with this level of bombardment from everyday exposures to toxins is highly impaired and this is apparent with an ever-increasing chronically ill population. This is why we offer non-invasive detoxification options at our center. 

Biofeedback services have the ability to give the client and practitioner an idea about what is going on within the body. It outlines which frequencies need harmonizing and what those frequencies are often linked to within the body. These are not diagnostic methods or tools, but are instead used for educational purposes only. When the distorted frequencies are identified, then our frequency generator sends those harmonizing frequencies back into the body, either via contact or remote mode so that balance can be restored. As a disclaimer, this is not a treatment tool for any medical condition, it only harmonizes imbalanced frequencies within the body so that it can come back into balance again, where the body is then capable of healing itself.

The bio-field is a data-mine of information that can be decoded by our extrasensory senses, which is often referred to as our intuition. There are certain areas within the body system and bio-field that hold specific stored energies, which pulsate or radiate out as identifiable frequencies, and these are encoded and thus, highlighted in a certain way because of specific programs or behavioral patterns present within the energetic system. It is only a matter of tapping into these energies, frequencies, and/or encodements in order to interpret the data and relay the information that is coming through to the client.

If a client is looking for specific questions to be answered, then I can look into that for them as well. These sessions tend to go the way that they are meant to go and the intention is always for the highest alignment of the client and we let the energy unfold from there.

Our miscellaneous services are those services that don't necessarily fit into any of the other categories that we offer and these are at this time, the Alternative & Whole-istic Early Childhood & Beyond Assistive Program, Whole Body Vibration Therapy, and the Nuga Best Massage Bed. You can find out more about these individual therapies by clicking on the tab below.




About Us


This health and wellness center has been in the making for many years now and we are beyond excited to finally be offering this in our small, tight-knit community. It is our mission to support the health and wellness of those in and around the West Michigan area by providing multiple natural and/or alternative health opportunities here with an ever-expanding base or platform to do so. The founder of Beyond Wellness, LLC has many years of experience in holistic and esoteric health modalities, as well as other areas of specialization in relation to childhood development, more specifically in developmental delays, sensory processing disorder, and autism spectrum disorder. You can read more about her credentials in the "Meet Our Practitioners" tab. Dr. Andrea Bird has also had first-hand experience with what appears to be classified as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lyme disease, hypoglycemia, anemia, neuropathy, migraines, obesity, mitochondrial dysfunction, muscle spasms and tremors, candida, anxiety, depression, POTS, brain fog, gut dysbiosis, tendinitis, TMJ, autoimmunity, encephalopathy, inflammation, vaccine-adverse reactions, pharmaceutical-adverse reactions, food sensitivities, postpartum depression, Hashimoto thyroiditis, gallstones, acid reflux, and carpel tunnel syndrome...among other appearances as well. As these appearances unfolded or arose, she only found frustration in the allopathic or traditional medical system because pharmaceutical drugs and other invasive treatment methods were always their answer for everything, which felt much more like a band-aid or segmented treatment approach to her, instead of taking the whole system or energy network into consideration. She also found that they have a tendency to blame everything on certain catch-all diagnoses, like fibromyalgia and/or anxiety. These experiences led her to supporting the body vehicle in all-natural ways and in a whole-istic manner, as that spark or aliveness arose for her to take action. The realization also arose that we already are whole and perfect, no matter what is physically presenting itself or appearing for us...seeing that wholeness and wellness are our natural state of being while not attaching to that which is unfolding, but at the same time, following those innate urges or actions in order to assist the body in this apparent moment is key.


In having all of these experiences, we feel that we can relate to and understand what our clients are going through, which is why we feel that we are a great asset to the area. We really look forward to supporting this community and those surrounding the area with all of their holistic health needs. If there is something specific that you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you in whatever way that we can, even if that means referring you to someone else that may be able to assist. If you are not local, or are home-bound for any reason, then we may be able to make arrangements to do remote sessions as well...simply contact us and we will go from there.




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