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Energy Medicine Services

Relaxation, and thus expansion of energy, are keys to harmonizing the frequencies within our body.

Energy Healing

NeuroCalm Energy Sessions

Don't let the name fool you as these sessions go beyond just the nervous system. They work on the subtlest level possible -- energy ...beyond physicality, yet very much so assisting on the physical level as well. These sessions would best be described as a whole system reboot, but below, I will do my best to describe it for you all in greater detail so that it is easier to understand the process that just innately happens during these sessions.


A neurocalm energy session assists in calming the body down via various energetic pathways within one's 'bio-sphere,' if you will -- which is just the bio-electromagnetic energy system that makes up the appearance of the body organism here. Bringing the body to this apparent 'stillness,' resets and re-calibrates the whole neural-body network system. In other words, it assists the body vehicle to respond to stress more appropriately so that it isn't perpetually in a state of 'fight or flight' or survival mode, which a good majority of people in the world, if not most, appear to experience on a daily basis - chronic stress, especially from societal, or conditioned, expectations and/or beliefs about how life should look or be lived. This energetic reset, as well as the "expansion" (harmonization) of all energetic pathways or channels in the body vehicle during this session, replenishes the adrenal glands as well as all other neural-endocrine glands and tissue within the body, especially the HPA (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal) axis and the vagus nerve as well, which all equates to less stress on and within one's body. Less stress on the body vehicle means that the body can take care of the million other things that were stacking up while the body was 'keeping one safe from the damages of the apparent stress and/or stressors of life'...often involving releases of cortisol, adrenaline, and glucose as an energy source, which then can lead to other hormonal imbalances and insulin disruptions, among other related things as well. Hence, the great surge in neurotransmitter, hormone, thyroid, adrenal, and blood sugar issues that are apparent across the globe.


So, it is now apparent that when the nervous system isn't overwhelmed or burdened by stimuli of any kind (including, beliefs and/or pressure(s) that one may feel about life), then all systems in the body can function optimally and be in harmony with one another (on a DNA structured frequency level), leading to an overall improvement in one's apparent health and well-being.

Sequential Body Trauma - Somatic Release Sessions

Sequential body trauma release sessions are exactly like they sound, which is the process of sequentially releasing any perceived traumas in reverse chronological order...beginning with the most recent and working our way backwards towards conception. The process itself involves quite a few different bodywork and energy work techniques, or modalities. The bodywork works at the physical, mental, and emotional levels, while the energy work works with the energetic pathways of the body that influences the physicality (and all other levels mentioned above - the mental and emotional levels) of the body. Both together, essentially, assist in releasing injuries, traumas, rigid belief systems, conditioning, not-so-beneficial personality traits, and emotions that have been stored within the DNA, cells, as well as on an energetic level within our total body structure, or blueprint.

All trauma impacts the physical body, whether it is physiological, psychological, emotional, or interpersonal in nature...the body keeps score so to speak, especially with repressed trauma or an inability to cope with said trauma. This is why the releasing of trauma begins within the body, as it is an accurate depiction of the perceived experiences of life. 

When trauma occurs, it creates very deep muscular contractions within the body, which is triggered by the autonomic nervous system to kick in the 'fight-or-flight mode,' or otherwise known as the sympathetic nervous system. This system is designed to keep one safe from harm or death during traumatic episodes. The deep contractions in these muscles must be released in order to get the body back to its relaxed state, which involves the parasympathetic nervous system. Once a traumatic experience is over, the nervous system is designed to release or "shake out" this deep muscular tension; however, due to many being in a chronic state of stress or unresolved trauma, the bodies ability to adapt is desensitized, which leads to us carrying these traumas in the body long after the initial event or experience had occurred. Because the experience is emotionally, mentally, and physically overwhelming and charged, the body then stores these memories, thoughts, and emotions in order to process them at a later date. This high chemical charge left in the body continually seeks to discharge and when it doesn't occur, it is turned into intense emotions, especially with how one reacts to certain stimuli and how they see the world around them because they are essentially seeing through the lens of trauma. In other words, trauma "side effects or symptoms," or the inability to cope with everyday life, are a huge sign that the nervous system is not regulated or working properly. This is what this session works on so that one doesn't have to continually re-live their trauma and in turn, can lead a healthier and less stressful life.

Medical Intuitive Body Analysis Sessions

Our bodies are merely a bunch of energies and frequencies that make up or act as a coding system for the matter that appears to be our body. As such, those energies and frequencies can be felt and/or seen as being distorted, non-harmonious, and imbalanced. During a medical intuitive session, the physical body will be assessed as well as what makes up all of those layers (the coding) of the physical body. In doing this, I will describe what I see, hear, feel, and sense. This isn’t to say that something has necessarily manifested within the physical coding system that expresses outwardly as disease, but that it may be a possibility. These intuitive hits will be supported by applied kinesiology as well so that the client gains physical body confirmation. After the initial assessment is complete, we will then move into re-balancing, re-tuning, and re-harmonizing those areas of distortion, which is where I listen to the requirements of the body on how to bring all back into balance. This re-balancing portion of the session may look different for each client and most likely, different for each session for even the same client, as it all depends upon what is aligned for the client in that moment, which can vary moment-to-moment since our bodies, frequencies, and energy are constantly in a state of flux and flow.

Disclaimer statement – I am not a medical physician so I cannot diagnose, treat, or cure disease. This is a tool merely used in conjunction with medical care. It is always advised to seek medical attention if you feel that there is a medical issue going on. We simply use this service as a tool to assist clients in bringing any concerns that were found to the attention of their physician and then seeking treatment from there as they see fit.

Body Speak Sessions

During a Body Speak session, the therapist listens to the intuitive nudges that the client’s body is sending and/or requesting of them to facilitate in that moment. These are sessions that often involve multiple modalities that we offer and are based upon the needs of the client. It offers a beautiful blend of working with the totality of one’s being in any given moment and it is extremely powerful for those who choose to go this route because it involves such a vast amount of healing and balancing potential from an array of whole-istic tools all guided by the energetics of the client’s body system.  

Synergistic Duo Sessions

We are now fully offering Synergistic Duo Sessions to our clients on Fridays. You may be asking yourself now what is a synergistic duo session exactly? Well, it is a combination of two therapists (in any combination of our three therapists) working together with a client at the same time. Together, we listen to the client's body, and it guides us on what techniques are best to use and when exactly to use them. The techniques that are mainly involved in these sessions are a combination of vibrational/energy medicine (like neurocalm, breathwork, visualization, cellular memory clearings and harmonizations, DNA repair via frequencies and vibrational medicine, clearings of emotions and traumas, and the like) and bodywork (like acupressure, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, reflexology, etc.). 

For those who still want the benefit of two therapists working together with them for an hour-long session, but may not be able to quite afford the rate with two simultaneous therapists, then we also offer sessions where the first half-hour is with one of our therapists and the second half-hour is with another therapist and the price for that option is $60. We have seen amazing things unfold with both of these options!

Animal Energy Sessions

These sessions are exactly like the neurocalm energy sessions, except that they are done with our lovely pets. Animals, especially newly adopted pets or those with a change in environment, can experience stress too, which then triggers the sympathetic nervous system to go into fight-or-flight mode, just like in the human body vehicle. This for short durations isn't too hard on the body, but for longer durations, it can lead  to psychological distress and dis-ease within the body vehicle...just like in humans.


Here are some signs to watch for in your pet that may be indicative of prolonged stress, or in other words, it may point to a pet that may benefit from an animal energy session (however, this should not replace veterinarian assistance, where it is indicated) -


*Diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive issues

*Decrease in appetite or change in appetite


*Increased sleeping


*Pacing or shaking

*Excessive yawning, drooling, or licking

*Changes in eyes & ears

*Changes in posture

*Excessive or unexplained shedding


*Changes in bodily functions

*Self-injurious behavior


*Depressive behaviors

*Changes in interactions or        vocalizations

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