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Red Light & NIR Light Therapy Services

Light energizes and rejuvenates our tissues.

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What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is a simple, non-invasive treatment that delivers low wavelength red light to the skin and outer-most layers of the cells within our body. Mitochondria in the skin cells absorb these light particles, which then helps them to produce more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), or otherwise known as the energy source for all cells to live, function, and thrive. With this extra energy within the cell, they are then able to respond better to healing any damage that may be present and thus, rejuvenate themselves. Hence, the reason why red light therapy is well-known for its miraculous effects on the skin.

Our panel puts out 660nm of red light and a 10 minute session can deliver an unprecedented 72,500 joules.

What Is Near Infrared Light Therapy?

Infrared or LED Light Therapy is a spectrum of light therapy that is invisible to the eyes, but is felt as a gentle, radiant heat within the body, like that when exposed to natural sunlight. It has many of the same benefits as red light therapy, but is also able to go much deeper into the cells and tissues within the body.  

Our panel puts out 850nm of near infrared light with its 300 near infrared bulbs.

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We offer red light infused water too. It's great for those who have contraindications to laying under the light panel.

The Benefits of Our Combined Red & NIR Light Therapy Panel

There are many places that currently only offer one or the other types of light therapy - that is, red light therapy or infrared/LED light therapy. Well, we are happy to announce that the light panel that we have includes both types of light therapy, which means that you get both benefits to the outer layers of the skin as well as the much deeper tissues within the body. In other words, it is a double whammy of therapeutic light!

There are many clinical studies out there on the benefits of red light and near infrared light therapy. Here are some of those listed benefits for both types of light therapy -

*Increases collagen production in the skin, which gives the skin its elasticity.

*Increases fibroblast production, which helps produce collagen and other tissue fibers.

*Increases circulation between blood and tissue cells.

*Protects cells from damage.

*Increases mRNA in the cells, which helps stimulate the cell.

*Improves facial texture.

*Reduces fine lines.

*Reduces wrinkle severity.

*Rejuvenates the skin.

*Improves the complexion.

*Improves the feeling of the skin.

*Improves acne.

*Speeds up wound healing and tissue repair.

*Reduces inflammation in cells.

*Stimulates new blood vessels to form.

*Improves hair density and growth.

*Reduces pain.

*Enhances bone recovery.

*Treats skin issues.

*Lessens the appearance of scars.

*Reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

*Reduces the side effects of cancer treatments.

*Helps to mend sun damaged skin.

*Prevents re-occurring cold sores.

*Enhances blood circulation.

*Encourages antioxidant production.

*Promotes cellular regeneration.

*Promotes nerve healing.

*Improves sleep, melatonin levels, and circadian rhythm. 

*Promotes stronger immunity and longevity by increasing cell proliferation and migration.

*Modulates levels of cytokines, growth factors, and inflammatory mediators.

*Enhances muscle recovery.

*Reduces joint pain and arthritis.

*Reduces rosacea and eczema.

*Reduces edema.

*Reduces chronic joint issues.

*Stimulates DNA and RNA synthesis.

*Activates the lymphatic system.

*Increases oxygen and nutrients within the cells and tissues.

*Repairs and restores damaged soft connective tissue.

*Lowers the effects of oxidative stress or free radical damage.

*Improves musculoskeletal health.

*Has also shown benefit to those with psoriasis, vitiligo, depression and seasonal affective disorder, cognitive issues and/or neurological disorders, and   those with arthritis/RA, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and other inflammatory disorders and/or issues. 

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