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Thermal Imaging Scans

Being able to visualize the infrared light spectrum of the body gives us clues as to the flow of blood, heat, and energy in the body. 

What is Thermography Or A Thermal Imaging Scan?

Thermography uses an infrared, or "thermal" camera, to assist in assessing patterns of blood flow, inflammation, as well as overall function in a very non-invasive and no-contact way, unlike many of the other medical tests within the allopathic medicine framework. It is often used in predicting dis-ease patterns since it detects imbalances [early on] in blood flow and areas of inflammation, which are often precursors to a larger issue developing since blood flow is necessary for nourishment of our tissues (and body) and inflammation often points to environmental exposures or aspects that can be shifted to possibly prevent or reverse these dis-ease patterns, or it signifies an injury that can be nursed back to health with the proper supports for that individual.

So how does thermal imaging detect these patterns?

It does so by detecting an infrared image, which is based upon differences in temperate within the body. So for instance, a red to bright white-colored spot or area is going to indicate, or display, as warmer in temperature than that of a dark blue spot. So in a sense, what this means is that there is more heat and thus, more blood flow concentrated in those red and white areas versus the dark blue areas since more blood flow creates more heat. More heat can often indicate an area of inflammation; whereas, less heat can often indicate an area of decreased blood flow so that is what we keep an eye on as well as the overall patterns of heat.

Is a thermal imaging scan safe?

Absolutely! It does not expose the client to any radiation at all, like x-rays, CT scans, and mammograms do. It is completely safe and non-invasive. 

What is the process of taking these images?

In order to get the most precise and accurate images, we take our images in a dark room against a black backdrop with the client un-clothed, everything except their underwear. It is important for the client to go through a cool down phase too (about 15 - 20 minutes) before taking these images so that the natural heat exerted by their movement can subside to reveal the normal processes or functions in their body. We will do our best to respect the privacy and comfort level of each client throughout this process though.

Otherwise, the service fees are as follows:

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