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Current & Upcoming Promotions!

Beginning tomorrow through the end of this month, all of our essences will be on sale as a buy one, get one half off deal! The original price of our Beyond Wellness essences are $18, so the second essence would only be $9 and of course, they have to be purchased together in order to get the deal...meaning that you cannot buy one on Friday and then decide to come back on Saturday for a second one that is half off.

As far as the essences go, we have something for everyone from pain relief frequency essences to fear and anxiety relief flower essences so if this sounds like something that may be of benefit to you, then please stop in between tomorrow and the end of the month.

As far as other products go for being on sale in our store/office, we have our HBC Organics products marked down 10% until the end of the month. Our crystals and gemstones have all been marked down too.

We also still have our ad special going on, which gifts one with $10 OFF their session with us, if one presents our recent ad from the Hi-Lites at their schedule appointment time!

We have lots of other little goodies going on as well...coming up is our free session day for those with heart health issues on the 27th of February, as well as our other promotion that begins March 1st, which is our free 30 minute sessions for all new clients! This one goes through the end of March too, which gives everyone plenty of time to get their session in, if they so choose. So please feel free to reach out and get your session in the books for either of those current promotions that we have going on and please feel free to share this with others as well!

Thank you all for your continued support and we really look forward to seeing you stop into the office soon for some of these sweet deals!!!

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