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There's Some New Awesome-ness Brewing At Beyond Wellness!!!

There is a whole lot going on at Beyond Wellness as of late!! Here are some updates in picture form...

We are slowly making stock of wire wrapped jewelry and other forms of jewelry as well. These particular 3 that I have pictured are Andara stones/crystals, which are pretty rare and very high vibrational stones that assist the wearer in various ways.

This particular Andara is a Soul Fire Andara and its frequency "pattern," or signature, represents "The God Head," Source, and Purity Coding. When light shines through the stone, you can see why it is called a Soul "Fire" Andara, as it looks like fire.

The Blue Andara is highly connected to the frequency "pattern," or signature, of the Blue Rays, Starseeds, and other different lineages across the star systems. It assists in bringing through more awareness and possible star family reunions, and much more in regards to the wearers interaction with it and purpose.

The Black Andara is highly representative of the frequency "pattern," or signature, of the Galactic Core, or the core of our own being, where it assists in fully allowing us to step into our own knowing of truth and uncorrupted power.

We are now offering a spa-like experience with these warming pads for your neck, back, or any sore area for the duration of your session.

We already have a heating pad on our table, but these add some extra warmth to the areas that may not be in direct contact with the heating pad.

This is our new towel/sheet/blanket/warming pad warmer. Whew...that's a mouth full, isn't it? Anyways, warmth helps to assist by providing greater blood flow to the areas that need that extra oxygen and nourishment by our blood, so in turn, it assists with healing in that way. It also brings comfort, allowing the body to feel safe and release those feel good endorphins, as well as allowing the body to enter a parasympathetic state of relaxation.

We now have Gua Sha/Fascia Smoothing Tools as well in order to assist with releasing fascia restrictions and adhesions within the body. These can either be done in combination with a myofascial release session, which we will be offering real soon, or as a stand alone session on its own.

Our expansion/renovation project is coming along rather well Got a couple more studs to put in and then it is on to the drywall and painting...

One more board to go and the outer wall will be's just how I pictured it! Then, it's on to drywall on the other side and painting the doors grey and all the walls as well, and then onto some of the finishing touches that are more aligned to our taste. It's going to feel nice and comfy in our newly expanded office!

Our new reflexologist, Rebecca Nichols, is now accepting clients!!! Check her out and give it a try!!!

We have these new things going on, plus we will be bringing in new homemade body butters, soaps, bath bombs, and soooooo much more soon as well!! Stay tuned for details and release dates for all of these new products!!

Enjoy your day!!

- The Beyond Wellness Team

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