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We're Back in the New Year with a New Space

Where Has Beyond Wellness, LLC Gone?

Some of you may have noticed that our old location has a new business in it now and may be wondering where we went. Well, we are still in operation...just at a different location than we were before. You can find our new location address across many of the platforms that we have available online, and below, you can read all about this transition process that has been taking place for us since October 10th, 2023 as well as see some pictures along the way as it pertains to what has been going on.

Pictured Above: Our new, temporary office space...the exterior version.

Dr. Andrea Bird, the owner of Beyond Wellness, and other staff and family members have been working hard behind the scenes since mid-October to transition her prior office space to her home. This was a difficult decision for her [and the practice to make as a whole] after being there for over 3 years because it squeezes a whole lot of square footage service space into a much smaller space, as well as the fact that we loved what we had done to that space by making it our own. However, this move has been exactly what her and her family has needed, so even on those days when she misses her large office space so dearly, she is grateful to have followed her heart and alignment, like she has discussed so many times with her clients. She would be a hypocrite for not following her own advice, especially when she was being pulled so heavily to change things up and be closer to her family. Life definitely has a way of sorting things out and this is no exception so she knows that things will come together beautifully as they are supposed to.

Currently, Dr. Bird is seeing clients again and she has been getting used to what her new practice will look like going forward. There may be some changes along the way as she is aligned to do or incorporate, but it will always be for the best as this journey unfolds. At this point in her life, going with the flow is much easier than hanging onto expectations and certain outcomes. As she likes to state, "Life keeps life-ing, so live it as you are guided to in every moment," and that is what she is doing.

Pictured Above: These were taken on the last few days of cleaning out the old office. It was definitely hard to see it so bare since Dr. Bird and her family had worked so hard on every part of that office space in order to get Beyond Wellness, LLC off the ground and running...and remembering all of those wonderful memories with her clients too as she closed and locked the door for the last time was a heart wrenching feeling. Change is difficult, but it allows us to grow and shift to that next, deeper layer of life so that is what she has decided to focus on with this move.

It was only a couple of weeks after the doors had last closed that Dr. Bird found the perfect "mobile" office (and she puts the word, mobile, in parentheses here because it has the ability to be mobile, but as of right now, it will be stationary on her property for holistic practice purposes). She is excited to put the finishing touches on it and begin using it for its intended purpose soon, which is to inspire and empower others on their journey to balance, harmony, and overall well-being, as well as to change lives, expand perceptions, and cheer everyone on every step of the way. What more fun than doing so in a vacation mobile!

Pictured Above: This will be our office space once it gets fully renovated in order to meet our needs.

Pictured Below: This is our current, temporary office space until our other space gets fully renovated.

As a temporary office space until she moves into her new "mobile" office, Dr. Bird has made a comfy spot for all of her clients to access these wonderful services right there within her home, which is still located in Hesperia. As a result of this smaller space, some of the previous services that she has offered will not be available for a little while yet. She is hoping to have everything setup and in order by spring or at the latest, early summer. Some of the services that will not be available until then include: the full body red light panel(s), the vibroacoustic therapy bed, the sunlight therapy bed, the Nuga Best massage bed, and the whole body vibrational therapy machines. However, all naturopathic services, bodywork services, energy medicine services, as well as detoxification services will still be available.

As for the bodywork and all of the services that require a massage table, the desk that you see in the above picture folds together, which opens up the room in order to accommodate the table and a therapist. We had an even smaller bodywork room at our old office at one point too so we can absolutely make this one work. As for the camera pictured in the room on the shelf, that will be removed when these types of services are scheduled. Curtains will also cover all of the windows so that privacy is respected for these clients at all times. It is our goal to still provide a space of comfort, support, and relaxation, like we always have since our doors first opened.

The major change in our practice's operation is that we are only available to our clients now by appointment, which can all be scheduled over the phone, text, e-mail, the website, and messenger or the booking request tool on our Facebook page. The upside to this is that Dr. Bird's schedule is a bit more flexible now, which will be a plus for many.

We ask that you please give us some time to update the website and all other platforms, and in the meantime, you can always find the most up to date information on our Facebook page so please be sure to like and/or follow that page in order to keep informed as we move forward.

If you have any questions, concerns, and/or comments, then please feel free to reach out to us. You can find our contact information below.

Beyond Wellness, LLC

Phone/Text: (231) 220-8897

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